www.xfinity.com error #34384: How Can I Fix?

I keep getting the following error when I sign in to my account, www.xfinity.com error #34384. How can I fix this? Tried contacting Comcast customer support specialist and waited on hold for awhile to no avail. I want to watch the Superbowl next weekend and this isn’t helping at all!

How come Comcast can’t keep simple xfinity errors from going crazy all over their website? If I’m a paying customer I deserve for this to be fixed right away, or I will continue to file complaints online and let others on Facebook know about my dissatisfaction at once. When I pay for a service I expect it to work.

Can someone please help me with the www.xfinity.com errors!

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2 Customer Complaints about “www.xfinity.com error #34384: How Can I Fix?
  1. Judith Duhamel says:

    I can,t send or receive e-mails. It keeps saying username and password don,t match. I,ve used every password I,ve ever had and changed to a new one today but still e- mail won,t work.

  2. Claire E Gehrett says:

    Error #34384, I am unable to continue exporting to MacOSX address book. Right now I can get the incoming mail and read it, but I cannot forward any messages to my mail list? Tried to export from beginning againa but am getting the error 34384. Can you help? Thanks

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