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The first part of this complaint concerns an order for a refrigerator, washer and dryer which we were told that the order was never placed after waiting for the delivery and being told it was out for delivery. We then canceled the order and went out an bought Sumsung appliances. Our new home has a whirlpool stove. The oven does not work. We had a repairman out on the 21st of September. We were told it would take 5 to 10 days for the part to come in. We called today (October 3) and found out the part is on back order. Now we are told it will be another 5 days. We should have been called earlier.

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One Customer Complaint about “Whirlpool Complaint: Customer Service
  1. Vivan Henderson says:

    Dear Sir or Madam

    I am writing in regards to a washer I bought on March 30, 2013 at Furniture Plus in Grimshaw, Alberta, Canada – model number WTW5500XW3, serial number C30833404. I didn’t move into my new home until May 12th so I didn’t use the washer before that date. I can send you a copy my purchase invoice. The washer seemed to work except sometimes on the bulky setting it won’t spin the water out in the final cycle and I have to set it on the rinse and spin or drain cycle to get the water to drain out. The main problem is in the normal cycle (or in any cycle) it doesn’t put enough water in to wash the clothes for any amount larger than a small load. It would never wash a large sized load. In those cases the top part of the wash would be still be dry. Two queen sized cotton sheets would have dry spots on the top of the load when the wash cycle was complete. I am not supposed to put clothes above the wash plate according to the directions. Therefore I can only put a small amount of clothes in the machine. It’s not possible to wash a large load. The main problem is that there is not enough water filling the tub. The machine has a large tub so it should be able to wash the loads I put in it without a problem. My machine is a high efficency model and I use only detergents for high efficiency machines. I live in town and have good water pressure. I have checked the filters on the taps going into the washer and they are not plugged. I usually wash with warm water and set the soil level at ‘heavy’ even then the load contains only blouses which aren’t heavily soiled. The wash cycle is set at normal. I have the best results with these settings but even at that – the clothes that are a bit more soiled don’t come out clean.

    I am a senior and have raised five children so I have ample experience washing clothes so that is not the problem either.

    I have a top loading model because I have had surgeries which make bending over difficult. My daughter has a front loading model and it washes all sizes of load clean – even work jeans.

    As I have said I am a senior and I live on a fixed income. I had to buy new appliances when I moved. All four of my major appliances are Whirlpool. I thought I was buying from a reputable company so I paid a higher price thinking the appliances would work properly and not have to be replaced for a long time.

    I have tried different settings trying to get the machine working. I have not called a repair man because it works – it just doesn’t clean the clothes. I can not wash even a medium sized load because of not being able to put clothes above the wash plate and there is not enough water in the machine to wash properly. I am very disappointed in the machine and upset because the machine can only wash a small load at at time. It doesn’t wash heavily soiled clother properly. I would greatly appreciate if you could help me. I would like a new machine or at least a discount on a new machine. I would like a top loading machine with an agitator. A machine that isn’t energy efficient. Thank you for your attention to this problem

    Yours truly

    Vivan Henderson

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