Wendys Complaint Letter: Bad service by management

So a few times I have been to Wendy’s I have had horrible experiences. One time I ordered fries and asked for ketchup the lady told me they don’t have ketchup and closed the door in the drive thru. Anytime the dru thru manager just threw the bag at me and closed the door. Needless to say, I had to wait and blow my horn just to be presented with an attitude becuase I didn’t receive my drink. No apology or anything. So when I got home my sprite tasted like seltzer so I figured I would call them to let them know. They picked up and hung up. So I called the survey number with the complaint. Never heard from them. Then the final time I ordered the gentleman at the first dru thru door that collected my money was very nice and well mannered. This gave me hope. Then the second window and my bubble was popped. They didn’t give me napkins or straws and once again slammed the door. I called the number and reported the incident and still no answer. As a large company I feel as though they should really care about feedback. Guess I was wrong.

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