Wendys Complaint: Long Wait at Drive-thru and no service

On 12/7/2012, I entered the drive-thru at Wendy’s (Petersburg, VA 23805) at 7:44 pm. There was one vehicle in front of me. At 7:56 pm, I was still in line with the same vehicle in front of me. Finally, at about 8:00pm, the vehicle in front of me pulled up and I thought I would get to place my order. I waited patiently to be greeted and there was silence. I kept saying hello over and over and finally a person answered and said “One moment”.

After three minutes, I simply gave up. I pulled off. There was one car in the drive-thru and the inside was not packed at all. I waited for nearly 20 minutes and never got any service. I waited because my son and niece really wanted Wendy’s. I felt the entire ordeal was unacceptable.

If there was an issue someone should have explained this. I go to Wendy’s frequently but will no longer do so. Wendy’s needs to upgrade their standards. This ordeal would have never occurred at Chick Filet. Customers should be acknowledged and not ignored. The person working the drive-thru should have greeted me and stated what the delay was about. I was a very unhappy camper.

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