Wells Fargo Problems Cashing a Check

I live in Bakersfield Ca. and was at the Wells Fargo on Panama Lane today. I was depositing monies for my business account. The teller must have been new and I asked for 12 one dollar bills and the rest was to be deposited with my deposit I presented. I do not know what it was but she couldn’t understand exactly what I wanted. Why I do not know. After getting that straightened out I had a check to be used to pay for my Wells Fargo credit card.

She would not just pay off the amount owed on it but needed to use the whole check which was only an amount of 30.00 over. What was the problem? I told her to just cash the check and I would then pay the bill and she then said she could not take the cash back. I have been doing business in this small branch for over 5 years and all of a sudden I see a big turnover of tellers. I just told her to return my check and I would go. I have over $16,000.00 in that bank and they can not cash a $139.00 check. Please.

I now know why I do not have my personal checking there. I will soon be taking my business account to Tri-County Bank. You need to take a good look at their practices.

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One Customer Complaint about “Wells Fargo Problems Cashing a Check
  1. William DeLashmutt says:

    I had a Wells Fargo Bank in Roanoke, VA refuse to cash my business check for $35.00. I have three business accounts there. They told me that I had to have a personal account in order to cash my business checks.

    The manager had the gall to tell me, “I know we aren’t known for the most friendly business policies. If you don’t like it you can go to another bank.” WOW. This manager shouldn’t be dealing with people.

    Unfortunately my company has had their account there for a long time and that’s why they stay with them.

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