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I moved into this area a few weeks ago and started using this Walmart store. I have been in the store about 7 times and spent serveral hundred dollars. At least 4 of the times the checkout times was extreamly long with something going wrong at the register and I spent as much as 35 minutes in the check out line. I went there tonight and ended up changing lanes 3 times because of delays in lines. I was in this one lane about 5 minutes and it got to the point that there was only 1 person in line ahead of me when the girl at the register turned off the light and motioned me to another line.

This was the final draw, I parked the cart over to the side and walked out leaving the food and other products in the cart.  I have managed a retail store for the last 28 years and I would have fired any employee that did that to a customer. My experience with this store is that it has very poor management. I have been in the sporting goods department and the carera department and waited for 15 minutes before someone came to help me. Many customers left with disgust and I should have too. There are many items not priced at all thruout the store, especially the power tools and that entire section.

You can never get anyone to help you and the staff are very rude. They never apoligize for delays in the line at all. I have said all that I am going to but I will never go in another Walmart store because of the last 2 weeks. I feel that giving them 2 weeks is more than enough.

Walmart 5400 Phillips Hwy, Jacksonville FL 32207

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3 Customer Complaints about “Walmart Store Complaint Letter to Corporate
  1. pam Dangel says:

    I have never been treated so badly as i have been by your employee.I was in Wal mart in south Everett Washington on Jan 9th at 815 pm to pick up a prescription. When I put my phone down, to make a long story short some guy behind me picked it up its on security tapes, i was told i would have to wait till the next day so that lost prevention could review the tape, I had to work that day so i went in to the store about 7:45 the next night, and talked to a floor manager she was rude telling me she thinks i am a liar that theyu would not and could not look at the tapes and the the 2 people who tried to help me would never have said that and i was also lying about that. Well today which is Saturday Jan 11th I called back to your store and talked to a man who i might add was very nice to me and guess what he pulled up the tape looked at it and in fact saw the man who took my phone. You see that phone is my life line to the Doctors that are treating my husband who has congestive heart failure kidney failure, and liver failure, and to be so rudely treated by this night manager has made me realize that my family will no longer be spending our money at your store and i will be telling everyone I no to stop spending there money at your store also, Now it may only be a drop in the bucket as far as your concerned but trust this I will not be the last person to be treat so rudely.I do have to say that Eric in lost prevention has been very helpful and told me he would do everything he could to get my phone back, beings that my husband and I have no income we are unable to buy another phone, thank god we have good friends that have been allowing us to stay rent free at their home and has been paying for my phone. And I will tell you this blog this incident and find more people who have been treated rude at the same store by the same woman.

  2. Sincere says:

    Walmart should wheelchairs for people in need. Of being a billion dollar corporation it shouldn’t be no problem. I use to shop there all the time , but no I have Ali imitation of walking, I can’t shop because of not having a wheelchair. Thank you

  3. Sharon says:

    Returned an item today at 7am and Eris totally ignored us and kept putting things away and no eye contact or acknowledgement. Finally a manager said you need to take care of the customer. I saw her badge was turned around as usual most there do not want you to see their name. Why wear one then, I have complained about the badge issue before. I had to ask her name! Why are they so ashamed of where they work? This was at the Cagans Crossings store Clermont, Fl 34714.

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