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Wal-Mart Family Mobile complaint: We set this up for my husband months ago, two hours later he had a working phone and a much cheaper phone bill: piece of cake! I set mine up separately (had to because we have diff area codes and I need to keep my number) and they set it up on Sunday at 4:00. By Monday at 3:00 STILL not working. When I called Wal-Mart they blamed person who set it up and said it was never completed. When I called Family mobile they said it was done at 4:00 on Sunday and I just needed to keep my pants on and not be in such a rush: it ALWAYS takes 24 hr. When I told them it took TWO hrs for my husband’s phone they called me everything but a liar.

Called Tuesday, STILL not working: could make calls, couldn’t receive and no email. Family mobile lady said “I” forgot to set up email when I made the contract. I was offended at the blame game since you can’t set up any of it, it is done by Wal-Mart employees. Plus email is part of the plan by default, so stupid answer. Anyway 3 days after I sign up I finally have a working phone.

I try to go on a month later and set up my online account to pay my bill and it says my phone number does not exist in their system and is not part of family mobile plan. CS rep gets snotty with me when I tell her the system says I don’t exist and she says :”Well it does exist, I’m looking right at it”. So now I’m no longer nice and say “Well good for you! This side says I don’t and will not let me set up an account to pay my bill.” She gets rude and says then her manager has to send off an IT ticket and it will take 72 hrs.

Then she says I can pay in the store for an .88 charge or she will take my payment and charge me $5.00 admin fee. I argued: “You are going to charge me $5.00 for your mistake?”. “Yes Mam”….. I would still use this because it does work if it’s done right by employees and you can save money, but be prepared to deal with some rudeness while it gets accomplished.

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56 Customer Complaints about “Walmart Family Mobile Customer Service
  1. Richard Osgood says:

    I have tried to resolve this billing issue over the phone several times; however, I am told that this is not possible by the Wal-Mart Family Mobile representatives and their supervisors. In fact, they even refuse to give me the name and mailing address of their company’s CEO. This company could post a negative charge against my good credit rating which I am doing everything to stop and make a reasonable, although unfair to me, restitution. Wal-Mart/T Mobile is using Bait and Switch tactics and using the US Mail and US phone system to perpetrate this fraud.

    • Customer service has to be #1 Richard, that’s why Walmart Family Mobile has gotten a ton of complaints and bad reviews on here lately. Cell phones are so important to many american’s and we need them to work!

    • Chaz says:

      I couldn’t agree more. They’re a total scam and I’m kicking myself for falling for it in the first place.

      • Wendy says:

        I fell for it too Walmart family is a big rip off

        • Anonymous says:

          I’ve had Wal-Mart family mobile since Oct.2013…No problems until I missed a payment phone is shut off & than cancelled I paid my bill next day still no service.I read online I have to pay another 5.00 so I did…next day still not on so I called from Wal-Mart customer service phone. I heard on the recording I still owe 30.00 so I paid that so far today still no service. Wtf? This is the only phone I have at the moment…

    • thomas m. mccaffrey says:

      i have had an optimus l9 since 3-13-13.after 2-3 months i went to turn it on and nothing.. before that i paid for an e q unlocke key that my original e q said i had to have.after sending my phone in to repair it so thatit woould work, i lost the use of my e q altogether.i e-mailed my problemto L G but no response.1 and a half months later th phone wouldn,tgo on again.1 and a half months laterthe phone wouldn,t go on againmy wife bought a new battery for 50 dollarsit worked forfor 2 weeks then wouldn,t turn on again. i called l g and they said to send it came back2 and 1 half weeks laterand it turned on.1 month later the same thingit wouldn,turnon!i contacted family mobile to try and get some satisfactionand they saidto send it back to l g.i called l g and a managergot on the line a said she would give mea refurbished one or a new one. 2and 1 half weeks laterafter sending it to l g in rochester new york this timei got the same phone back, i know cause i marked it. 2months later the same thing,this lemon of a phone wouldn,t turn on. l g said they wouldtake care of itthey had it for over 3 weeksand said they tookcare of ramsince the begining always climbs past 85% in just 20 minutes. i talked to a tech and he said i had to keep the phonepaid up to date or they couldn,t work an it and that was back injune, ai niw m warranty is expired. i,m out 180.00dollars that i don,t have bec i didn,t know you couldsuspend it while it was being worked on. iv,e missed so mucheverytime i had to send itin. doctor appointents, (i amterminaland really need a working phone).past due notices that cost me moneyplus all the otttttther inconveniences like being picked up by medicab ,cause they can,t get ahold of mebetweenallthat and the180.00dollars i am out my mind with nervesi pray that since my warranty is expired now that you can do something like give me a new or used and even cheaper phone just so that it works and is smart or an androidany kin of monetary thing you could do so that i can get a good phone and i pray that after all this you can get me some satisfaction thomas mccaffrey t.mac1212777@gmail . com or call 6163755614 or

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. I am having the same issue. For months I did not have complete service. They kept telling me it was my sim card and I was to go to the store and to get a new one. I did exactly that and the store all but called me nuts, they don’t have sim cards to replace. So I called again and again i get lies and run around. So finally after a month and a half of getting few if any incoming calls I take the phone back and buy another companies phone. Now I get a bill for 88.06 for not paying a bill on a phone that is returned to Walmart Family Mobil. I called when received the bill and they give me a HUGE run around. They say they are not a putting me under a contract but they do anyway. They not only put us under a contract, but they lie when you try to get them to say it is. Today they said, READ THE FINE prink lady! So I said how can you keep a service on, ( mind you I returned the phone) if I am not using it or paying the bill. Normally if a bill is not paid it is temp. shut off! No answer. Just back to the double talk. I refuse to pay this bill. I was on a month to month phone, why was it not turned off. To me it is punishment of not keeping the service. they never keep a phone on if your late on your bill.

    • Amethyst says:

      I have had the exact same problem, what’s the corporate number? And can we take them to court.

  2. madalyn says:

    I completely agree, the service is a rip off and the monthly charges kept going up and up without any explanation or reason. When I finally said enough is enough and canceled my account with them, they claimed I owed an outrageous amount. You have to go through every option in the customer service line to eventually ( took me a month ) find the one that will let you speak to a person. By the time I reached this point I was ready to take them to court, and after finally getting through to a rep. just paid the amount because I was so stressed and annoyed with the situation. I want to share this with anyone who is thinking about signing up with this company, DO NOT DO IT!, you will be sorry and you will be writting a review trashing the company as well.

    • Walmart needs people to understand English, they lie! I canceled web service on 2 phones in August, they only removed it off 1 phone, they are liars, over bill- it takes forever to even be able to speak to someone, and I think thy are in the Philippines or India, I can’t understand, they just want money- they lie about the promo code and 25 dollar gift card- don’t fall for the bs contact it is not a site, another lie!


  3. daddys says:

    I have the same issue its bs that if you dont want it you have jump through hoop to get the bill taken care of I feel that if I didnt pay for it longer then I shouldnt have to pay for the time I dont have the service !!

  4. Fred says:

    A TOTAL SCAM , faulty billing , false advertising , confusing communication and HORRIBLE customer service….please stay away from it !

  5. Nisha Willrich says:

    Yep. Same here! Stay away. Called to cancel service to one of my lines on the 28th of June. When I get my July bill, they’ve charged me for two lines. I called and spoke with a csr, she CONFIRMED that this should not have happened, and then gives me an EMAIL to request a credit, because, she says, there is no phone number for the adjustment dept. I emailed them, they emailed me back in 5 days, telling me they can’t not charge me for July because it was the primary line and that takes 30 days to cancel. Seriously? They did however knock off $8 because they prorated for the end of July. I’m now hunting for a new carrier that’s affordable and doesn’t have terrible customer service. Trust me, you’re not saving enough money to warrant the terrible customer service, and expensive, crappy phones.

  6. donny says:

    Same problem here. What is the email address to request a credit? The one they gave me doesn’t work!

  7. Christie says:

    I bought two phones from walmart for the “family plan” which totaled $200.00 since I needed a smart phone. We then bought two activation kits for $25 a piece. So now I have spent $250 and thinking that now I will begin to save money since the bill will only be 80 a month for both phones. 3 weeks later the $125 smart phone I bought would no longer turn on. I called them and they run me through a punch list of promts they have in front of them and the result is they cant fix it and “I” need to pay to ship it in and then the will send me a new one! I was annoyed to say the least about this and sent it in. It has now been two weeks and no one knows where the phone is. They say there is no way to know where the phone is since these phones are on back order.!! I have now been paying for a phone that I am not able to use. I told them I should be credited for this time that I havent had the NEW phone I just bought and they tell me I have to email credit department with a long list of information that would take an hour just to accumilate this information and who knows if they will ever even answer me back. Needless to say I am about to “eat” the money and go to another carrier and they can seem to care less. Worst customer service EVER!!!! worst plan!!! and total waste of money and time!!!

  8. Hari says:

    Absolutely horrible customer servce.

    a. You cannot reach them other than to activate service. Once activated your phone line can never reach a human.. IVR system is disgusting.

    b. Once you cancel the service you will be charged the whole billing period even if you used it for like 5 days. There is no way to call them up and say you want the service cancelled.

    Am surprised they are still in business. It is a shame such kind of companies are still around with horrible service. Customer service rep are rude and do not understand the issues.


  9. Chaz says:

    I’ve had a problem with them, too. I shut off my service to switch to a much better company. They double billed me for my last bill. I emailed whatever email is was that their customer service gave me and I got reimbursed $25 of that. I can no longer reach their customer service without reactivating my phone and they keep sending me bills for $-25 that’s due in 5 days. I mean, how does THAT even work?! As far as I’m concerned I’ll let them keep the $25 just to leave me alone.

  10. Jeff Kehoe says:

    For the past three months I have been unable to access my account online to make payments or changes. A pop-up window appears asking me to change my password. Anything I type in the new password window returns an invalid password message.

    I’ve called customer service 3 times and was promised that an IT ticket would be placed to resolve the problem. The last time I called I asked that a text message be sent to notify me when the problem was corrected. That was 2 weeks ago, no text has been received and the problem is still not resolved.

    This has to be the poorest service of any cell company I have experienced.

  11. Darryl Baylor says:

    A service called speed boost was added to my phone with out my permission. I jacked up the cost of my monthly bill to $72.00. I refused to pay it and insisted that they remove it. I told thhem my bill is suppose to be $40 a month. The representive gave me a site to go to called The site does not exist. Since I got family mobile I have had one problem after an another with the billing. The customer service is awful. The representatives are unknowledgable and all they are able to do is take a payment. What a RIPOFF!!!

    • angry customer says:

      i paid my bill on 09/06/2013 and my services were suspended on 09/09/2013. I had to pay $25 for reactivation. i was told that i didn’t pay my bill; however, when i told them that i have my bank statement the payment magically appeared. I too was given the email address that was invalid Family mobile is a RIPOFF

    • Anonymous says:

      It is not a web address – it is an email address. I emailed them this evening an immediately received a case number for follow-up in 5 days. Try emailing them – you won’t get them any other way!

  12. Louisa says:

    I bought the only phone they had in stock at the time, and it never did work properly. Like the above entries, trying to work with these people is like pounding your head against a brick wall. I returned, or tried to, the phone to the store, at which point they said I was stupid and didn’t know how to use it. I called a number for repairs, they claimed they reprogrammed it while I was speaking to them. After three weeks of this, I went to another carrier, and because they had played around with the phone for more than 14 days, they refuse to take it back, even though it was defective from the moment I walked from the store. Regardless of the cost, no one appreciates paying for an item that is unusable. It can’t even be donated to a shelter because it can not be used. Again, no one will speak to you, I was told to only e-mail, but do not write, (as if anyone can find a legitimate address) to speak to someone about it, yet there is never a reply. I agree… this is nothing more than fraud…bait and switch…. a con game. Worse company ever, should have known better…it’s WALMART after all!!!!

  13. Diana says:

    I bought a phone from Walmart Family Mobile that I really liked. However it took five days to activate. During that time they left my account open and my computer got hacked. I had many things happen and many questions. None of which the people could help with because they could not run the Phone. Had the take the computer and phone to the Geek Squad to get fixed and questions answered. Finally had it. Took the phone back. Got my money back. Thought that was it.. No one said I had to call and cancel the service. Now have been charged 116.66 for 26.63 use. You can get No help over the phone. Forget on line or at the Walmart Store. Hopeless. Finally called my bank- disputed the charge on one. Stopped the other from going through. Hope that is it. It will gladly pay the 2.53 I still owe them. When they get their act together.
    This was supposed to be a fun 1st purchase. It was a Nightmare!!!!!!

  14. Alicha Edwards says:

    I’m writing to the company to see if I can request something off my bill because my internet on my phone was down and i also had drop calls this month.

  15. jill says:

    I also have a problem with the email address they gave me credit

  16. michael edwards says:

    i need to get a hold of someone to talk to them about over charging me for two phones when i have one if anybody can help me please that would be great

  17. Elisha Walton says:

    On July 10 2013 I cancelled my family mobile service on July 15 2013 I paid my final bill, family mobile charged me for the month of July and August. $46.61 my # 419-973-0328 my account # 890621802. I should not have to pay for July-August bill because I ended the service July 10 2013.
    Thank You
    Elisha Walton

  18. Alana Clark says:

    I phoned in on July 24,2013 and cancelled my pre payed phone service due to going with a contract service with a family member. I received a bill for $92.00 today and I phone customer service and they showed where no minutes had been used on the phone number 918-933-8581 and I should email you and explain my problem. I am not willing to pay for this service when I called and cancelled the service and would like this removed as I don’t owe it. Acct. # 863197526. Please respond back to me asap. Thanks Alana Clark

  19. jay rawls says:

    I just purchased (2) T- Mobile phones 7/26/13 @ Wal-Mart and
    returned them the next morning 7/27/13,I received my credit for the phones then. About two weeks later I received a bill for 24.04, they charge me from 7/26/13 two 8/13/13. I only had the phones for one day and they had never been taken out of the box.I had through that you had 14 or 15 days to return them without a penalty according to the paper work I got from Wal-Mart.I think that T-MOBILE is trying to screw me out of 24.04

  20. Melissa Charles says:

    I have been charged 45 dollars when I have the 28 dollar plan.this is only my 3rd month of service.i finally reached a human after three days of calling and they gave me the same bogus address all of these complaints are getting.i need a reply b/c im not paying the sudden, for no reason price increase.

  21. kevin p. mcentee says:

    Have gone through all proper channels. been to local wall mart store, many many times bought several phones e.t.c. also called the 800 number. they instructed me to. my issue is my phones have been dropping call’s since end of july important call,s since i own a painting company! lost potential coustomers!! doctors, my mother who has alzheimers e.t.c. would appreciate some kind of compensation don,t know how many paint job,s i,ve lost!! i,ve been a good coustomer of your,s just asking for a small compensation on september,s bill. please text me with an answer. i pray we can do something with this, which i,m confident in you and your company. thank you and GOD BLESS. SINCERLY KEVIN P. MCENTEE ACCT # 864294775

  22. Family Mobile Fails says:

    I have tried to have my number ported from Sprint but does not work. Neither T-Mobile or Walmart can explain why – just that it doesn’t work. DON’T DO IT! If you’re thinking you’ll save money – you’re not – just wasting time.

    Wish I had never started this mistake!

  23. rico joseph says:

    it has been one month since i been tried to straight this bill out with walmert family mobile, is all games the family mobile has been changed my plan that i had signed during my contract. I have this service with walmart family mobile on sept i bought the sim card thet was for $29,88 that what i need and my first bill wae due on OTC 15 for $29,88 all was good on OCT the 31st i received a text from walmart family mobile that said my bill for last month is $45,63 i called family mobile they claims it was a mistake they’re going to fix it. On nov the 15 i gave the girl a $50 bill she should be taking $29,88 i got robbed by family mobile tkey took $45,63 that was wrong and greedy over poor people money, i call the walmart family mobile to return my money they took extra they claim they will give me a credit which they never, i kept on received the same $45,63 in my text from family mobile that driving me out of my mind tomorrow will be the 15 of DEC I have been tried since the 1st of DEC so the family mobile can fix the loving money addicted problem they said yes but lied about fixing it, i just received another text message from family mobile 40 minutes ago to be pay $45,63 for DEC this crap is crazy, no time for games i have 3 child support that i cannot pay for while the family mobile is pimping my kids that is wrong. the walmart system like to take from people i have a walmart prepaid card i paid walmarte $3 up front then $300 should be in my card to pay my other bills when i thought i have $100 in my prepaid card i cannot believe i found out my card did not have enough to pay what i bought. Wow this walmart is really working me out, please bring back the $29,88 contract that i signed on SEPT that is what i knew about not $45,63 that’s wrong

  24. Wendy says:

    I sent my phone out for repair and its been 3 months now and still have not received my phone, all I get is the run around and no one wants to help me I have no phone and they want me to pay the dam bill hell no they are not getting one red penny until I get my phone back or I will call the media…

  25. Sally Smith says:

    This company is so difficult to deal with. I notified them on Jan. 13, 2014 to cancel my cell phone it was set up to be canceled on Feb. 9th. They did NOT cancel it. Now they say that I will be billed for 2 more days because I called on the 11 to make sure they canceled my phone. What a rip off this company is. Nor my fault it is their screw up! I will NOT pay them another dime.!!! Very unhappy with T_Mobil. I will make sure I tell everyone who might even think about going with t-mobile not to do it!!!!They had the order to cancel and they did NOT do it!!! Shame on this company!!!!!

  26. frederick toney says:

    i have not had service sence November in i received a bill in February for a 110.11. this matter need to be addressed as soon as possible . i do not owe anything i was not under a contract. account: 873927805

    • lee o. smith says:

      i purchased a plain from walmart/family moble, the service is poor, sometimes i can’t make calls, i got unlimited, talk ,text, & web, i never could access the web so after about 5 months i canceled the web and now i want a refund or credit my account at $10.oo a months, for dec.2013, jan, feb, mar,& april 2014. i have complained to walmart and they me an email address but i could never get a responce, i want a refund or a credit to my account, my phone # 706-461-8635 my accoynt # is 925182087.

  27. kathy aulwurm says:

    i am writing to you to request a credit my acct,on jan 28 my phone stopped working.unable to connect is what it i called family moble ,they told me to go to walmart and buy a new sim card.mind you this is two days before my birthday.the manager at walmart said it was the phone that wasnt i called family moble again they said i would have to send them my phone,and that they would send me a new phone.i sent the phone to you on jan 30 you received it on feb 3.i still do’nt have a phone,now i am told that you are looking into the feb bill is paid and i would like you to credit my bill.

  28. yvette d. bailey says:

    my Walmart family mobile # is 410-306-5085 and I am emailing you because I had them cancel my third line the 410-306-5088 because it hasn’t been used for 3 mos. because my daughter wanted her own plan elsewhere but I would like to know if I can get my three mos. of payment back from the third line 410-306-5088 since it was not beig used because she informed me too” late, but I have been paying for it and it was a waiste of money that I feel as though should be credit back to my acct., and them to not charge me for march either. please can you not charge me and credit me back. can some one please contact me at 410-306-5085 in reference to crediting me back for the third line not being used and I had them cancel that third line (410-306-5088)out on Friday February 28, 2014. thank you Mrs. Bailey

  29. Casey says:

    If you ever think of switching your cell phone plan over to Walmart Family Mobile…..DON’T. They have the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. It’s impossible to get an American at customer service and it’s impossible to find an email address to contact them directly. They have had my broken phone for over 3 weeks and no one can tell me where my phone is. I found a customer complaint website and apparently many other people have the exact same problem. The Family Mobile people at the store can’t/won’t even give you direct contact info.

  30. barbara jones says:

    I’ve had this service for more than 2 years. my only complaint is that my husband phone does not say his name. It says another person name,that we don’t know.Customer service says (IT) will take care of this,within 72 hours.It’s been 2 Years.Name change that’s all we need.No other complaints. Even like the service, but for the last 2 years,I would like to see my husband name when he call my phone. Maybe we can do a simple name change,that’s not asking for much.and if it is too much, maybe we should resort to other measures. Time,inconvenience, stress etc. etc.etc. Patiently Waiting

  31. Kiritha Brown says:

    Account No.852460205

    I am requesting a credit to my account for Dec 2013 to Mar 2014 because I returned one of my phone to be replaced (sent by UPS) on December 22, 2013. As of 3/29/2014 I have not received my replace phone but is paying for the line. My three lines no# are 314-600-7813, 314-585-5589 and 314-585-5591. As you will see one of these lines has no activity and that is the line that I am requesting a refund. Over the months I have spoken to several representatives about this situation with no luck to the solution. I just recently purchase a phone for the line for 120.00 and would like my account also credited for this amount because if I had got my replacement phone this expense would have not occurred. This problem has been going on for over 120 days with no resolution for this problem. This is very unprofessional and bad way to conduct business. You can contact me on line 314-600-7813. I am tired of all this running around. I need for someone to take responsibility. Thank you for time

  32. Irene Felix says:

    I am requesting a credit for an extra line that I was charged. I never wanted an extra line and never asked for one. I bought a new phone and the sim card in my old phone did not fit in my new phone. So I had to buy a new sim card for my new phone. I told the clerk at Walmart that I wanted the same phone number to transfer to my new phone. He must have set me up with a new line because I never got my number transered until I had to call numerous times.finally three weeks later I got my number tranfered to my new phone. but now I am charged for two lines. I never asked for two lines I only need one line. I never asked for another line. please credit me the overcharge!

  33. Irene Felix says:

    asking for credit for a second line that I never asked for. the clerk at Walmart mistakenly gave me a second line when I bought a new phone and needed a new sims card my account number is 904830464 602-919=5936

  34. Ken says:

    I have two line # 1. Is 503 901 8314 and # 2 is 503 901 7610.then last month line #1 got stone then I have called to cancel service on line # 1 . Keep line2.but you still charge me for line #1 then I paid for it.event that line have no service and lost phone .and then now second month coming you going to charge me again .i think it not fare and it not right .why don’t you pay for my phone bill that I using right now ? I lost that phone I called cancel service still charge me .why don’t you pay my bill ?are you out off your mind ?

  35. tracie duncan says:

    Family mobile turn my phone off on 15th said if i paid 46 buck turn back on on the 19th they sent text i owe 92.00

  36. Rose Angelo says:

    I went 30 day without using my phone but they charge me for full amount this is my phone number 207-776-9574

  37. chet says:

    same story. T-Mobile customer service is a joke. billing me for service I already cancelled.

  38. myjah Walker says:

    Concealed my phone number. April 18th paid $92 in April.. now it’s May And they are charging me a full month for Two lines when I only have One line Now The number is 512-888-3612 WONDERING WHY MY BILL IS STILL $92 FOR MAY. COULD U GET BACK WITH ME ASAP.. NOT PAYING FOR A BILL WHEN I ONLY HAVE ONE LINE NOW! THANKS MY’JAH WALKER.

  39. Tonya Ferguson says:

    Account #943218737
    I purchased the phone and it worked 2 days. I sent it back to the manufacturer and have not been contacted that they received the phone. I canceled service and was told I owe $51.89. That is outrageous. I should only have to pay for “2” days of service because the phone only worked the first two days.

  40. Delfina olmos says:

    No. Acct. 881437774 Soy Delfina olmos yo siempre he mandado bien los pagos quite 2 lineas del 23 due mayo 23 hasta 23 junio Shasta Alli vamos bien. Page LA linear de $44.00 el dia 22 due junio mi lines y no tengo ESA linea mia que pasa si no tengo mi linea entonces pagame mi dinero $44.00 y she acabo todo. Tengo los recibos sino me pagas voy a ir a corte al city hall OK y hàble con tiempo de cancelar las 2 linea… Jun.24/14

  41. lemma gebreyohannes says:

    i have 5 lines. the 2 of them are with internet access and the rest of are not have an internet access. so,you are charge me one line with out using internet access,so cancel the third line internet access the number is 612 987 74 13 and back to me my extra money you charge me by my current address.

    my address is 1551 E 80th apt# 27
    zip code 55425
    thank you,

  42. Theodus Mitchell says:

    on June 26, 2014 my phone was stolen, I received my phone on July 25, 2014. My account is on hold and I would like my bill prorated. Thank you Theodus Mitchell, 651-707-7155. Acct#927514958

  43. shirley maxwell says:

    why do i have past due bill i paid my i should have know bill sir please let know what going on

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