Walmart Complaint: walmart one hour guarantee NOT a guarantee

I hate Walmart right now. I went out like a maniac on Thanksgiving to get an Ipad because it was a guarenteed item from 10-11 pm- buy the ipad and get a $75.00 gift card. Not only were they out of them, and I PAID but got a card to register online to have it shipped.. but I just got an email stating that I won’t get it until 12/17 – 12/24 and I don’t get the $75 gift card til I pick it up!!! The point in getting the gift card was for more xmas gifts!! I would’ve purchased this item somewhere else for SURE if I knew I wouldn’t get it OR the $75.00 gift card until Xmas EVE!!!

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2 Customer Complaints about “Walmart Complaint: walmart one hour guarantee NOT a guarantee
  1. managment says:

    I work for Walmart currently while attending school. While I understand the complaints, I as an employee have more. The same filth you are exposed to we see everyday. This company is disgusting. They change full time employees to part time with out even the consideration to inform you. This is so they don’t have to pay benefits, vacation,or sick leave. A valid doctors note doesn’t excuse any absences unless they rule it to be worthy. Which none are. I’ve seen them tell people who were in diabetic crisis notes for leaving work wouldn’t be accepted. The stores are short staffed on purpose. It’s not a coincidence that this is the number one complaint. As employees you are expected to cover everything even things you are not trained to do. For the most part my managers seem to care but they to are expected to complete unreasonable inhumane task. The bonuses they Bragg about giving employees they find ways to take back, the store manager’s still receive theirs though. Especially if they keep the stores as short staffed as possible but they say we are not receiving ours due to overall store performance. This company is a roller coaster ride to hell, I can list more complaints but there is just not enough time.

  2. chris thomas says:

    One hour BS. The worlds largest retailer cannot hold up to there end of the deal. I paid on Thanksgiving for a gift for my daughter. As of 915pm 12/23 my item is still not in the store. I will not ever spend another dime in a walmart or sams club. I will spend a little extra and shop meijers. Im done I cant wait until the giant falls.

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