Walmart Complaint: Spoiled Milk

We need to make a complaint about the Great Value Milk. We have bought this milk in the past, but in the last 4 months or so the milk has gone bad before the date on the gallon. the first couple of times we asked for our money back and no problems,So tried the milk again. Not ANY MORE! This was the last time . We just opened up a gallon of milk dated May 9th and it is spoiled. This is only May 2nd! We will no longer be buying any milk from Walmart again!.

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One Customer Complaint about “Walmart Complaint: Spoiled Milk
  1. Brian says:

    We have had a similar experience recently with Walmart Great Value milk. In the past we had stopped buying milk at Walmart because of milk spoiling in our fridge before the sell by date, but for convenience we recently bought a gallon 5 days before the sell by date had arrived the milk was spoiled. When we brought the remining 3/4 of a gallon back to the store the customer service rep was very helpful bet because we had no receipt (who keeps receipts for small inconsequential purchases) she could only offer a replacement gallon which we accepted. Today, 4 July the new gallon which has a sell by date of 14 July is bad.

    We’ve decided that a replacement isn’t worth the trouble.

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