Walmart Complaint: Problems Shipping to Store

I hate the ship to store it is unorganized and unprofessional they have lost two of my shipments and instead of going through and red hopping another item they refunded my money which I don’t have a problem with but instead of them trying to resend they take the easy way out. I order a bundle that contained a laptop, laptop case, flash drive, and printer. I got the case and flash drive already but the laptop and printer experienced shipping delays more then once. It did not come in on time so the sent me an email saying my shipment was lost. Well actually they cancelled my laptop and said they will send it again and refunded the printer at that point. I used this service when they first created it, it was excellent I got my shipment on time I did read some complaint from other customers but I didn’t really think it would happen to me. I should have paid the 9or10 dollars and let the professionals ship it. I will NEVER use this service again nor will I use online from walmart because they don’t deserve the money they get from shipping it through FedEx or ups if they can not effenifenly use their free service. I will be contacting someone on the phone to see what they can do for my account as in crediting or refunding half my price for what they gave me cause like I said this is not acceptable.

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