Walmart Complaint: Oil Change at Walmart Auto Center

Let me start off as saying I shop Walmart several times a week and believe that Walmart has good quilty products and has great customer service. And with being a single parent of 5 It helps in helping me budget my money to feed my family and get the things that they need. This christmas holiday is hard as it is Ifind the deals I need at this store. But after dealing with the trouble service and unreasonable empolyees I find it almost impossble to be able to even get Christmas after what had happen.

I find it very hard to stomach the problem that I have dealing with for the last couple of weeks. I have been sick trying to figure out what willhappen the holiday.

I had my oil changed at walmart in Valpo. a few weeks ago. And notice a burning smell comming from my car. Then to my surprize my oil was down by 2 Q. I called the store in regards to this matter and was upset over never getting a answer on way this was happening or if they would revieww the situation. So i had no choice but to have this matter looked at my a nother company. They reported that whom ever had changed my oil had broken the seal and put a whole in my oil filter.

The price to fix this problem was approx over a couple of hundred dollars. So i called walmart c/o center on 11/226/2012 to vice my concern in hoping to find a answer to this problem. The lady stated she will have someone call me today and of approx 4:45 p I have not heard anything yet. What happen to Walmart and the customer satisfaiction????
Please help me tis single mom get answers. Thank you

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