Walmart Complaint: oil change by automotive service

I took my vehicle into Walmart to have the Oil and Oil filter changed, all was well, and I was happy with the price as well as the service, 3,000 miles later I returned my vehicle to Walmart, once again to have my oil and filter changed, the pre change inspection indicated my vehicle was 1 qt of oil low, my vehicle has never been low, however, the technician who was actually changing the oil, came into the store and took 6 qts of oil for my truck, I inquired with the counter person if that 6qts of oil the tech had just taken were for my vehicle, he answered that they were, at which time I told him my truck took 7 qts, the counter man went into the service bay and spoke to the technician, they both came out to talk to me, showing me the spec manual they use which tells them how much oil whatever vehicle they are working on takes, their book showed oil pan capacity of 6 qts, I told them it took 7 qts, because it has a factory installed oil cooler……. they got another qt of oil from the shelf and finished the oil change, after the change, the technician checked the dip stick, and it showed full, with seven qts of oil, my truck was driven out of the bay and parked in the lot, I paid my ticket, got my keys and went to my truck, and came back with my owners manual, showing the counter man, the spec capacity was 7 qts of oil with filter change.
This also answered why my truck was 1 qt of oil low when they got it into the bay….which in itself is unsettling.

Jump forward to Monday, November 19, 2012. I went into the walmart store on west main, and purchased a 5 gallon container and 2 single qts of mobile 1 motor oil 5W20, went home and proceeded to change my oil, first thing I noticed when I was under my truck and looking at the oil pan drain bolt… there was blue thread look around the bolt, I touched the blue thread lock paint with my index finger it flaked off, I then took my finger and felt the drain plug bolt, the corners were rounded, the drainplug is threadlocked into the pan, you can not move it, and with the corners rounded off, it can not be removed, I AM VERY UPSET…

MY TICKET #76394 ORDER# 068113129705, SHOWS THE STORE MANAGER AS CARLOS GARCIA the ticket provides all the necessary information for my last oil change transaction
I do await a reply from Walmart, if this is the way you treat your customers, its pathetic

Joe Ochoa
505 608 4292 use my e mail its quicker

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