Walmart HR Complaint: problems with employment application

My son and I have applied numerous times at our local wal mart in Nashville Arkansas and each time that we check on the status of our applications they claim that it is not in their system and that they cant find it any where in the system and we know that it should be in the system unless they are deleting it out of their system in order not to hire us, this seems a little like they are discriminating against us wouldn’t you say, they seem to be hiring people off the street that look nasty and dirty with long hair and beards and i thought that was against policy why would they do something like that?

it is just disgusting to go in the store and see older men with long hair and beards on the sales floor looking nasty and dirty, and its not because of the job. i am very upset that we keep applying and get no response from anyone, in fact i applied one time and one of the assistant managers had enough gall on his face to tell me that they didnt have a place for me because i talked about inside store matters inside the store and that i was rude to customers which is not true I never talked about store matters to anyone and i was never rude to the customers.

in fact i had several customers that i had when i worked there before ask me when i was coming back because they missed me being so kind and nice to them does that sound like someone who was rude to customers and talked about store matters inside the store? oh yea the assistant managers name is Thad Keith and i tell you now he is rude to his employees and the customers too, i have seen this with my own eyes you might want to check into this matter and also the hiring procedures in that store thank you

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One Customer Complaint about “Walmart HR Complaint: problems with employment application
  1. Alma bielawa says:

    I had an interview today at the Henderson, Nevada store with Lynn. It was a 3 part process. I felt I did well on the first 2 part interviews. When I met Lynn it was almost Immediate I was not getting hired. She started off with “Why are you here.” She says you have never worked, I told her I have a work history, she says its not on this sheet I have, so I asked if maybe because I uploaded my résumé, she didn’t reply. She asked what position I was applying for, I told her anything Customer Service related, I was willing to work with unhappy customers to helping customers find a product. She says I only have 2 positions available one is unloading the trucks or a cashier, I told her I had cashier experience. She stated that her cashiers handle 300-400 transactions per shift, and she did not want to train someone who may not be happy after all the training. She told me to reapply in October and at that point they may have a job for me, that is if someone else didnt already hire me. I thanked her for her time. She then told me “I will walk you back out, as we are walking down the hall, someone called out to her and she replied I will be right there after I get her out of here. Really? I asked her and she says oh that didn’t come out right? Personally I think it did. I felt I wasted 2 1/2 hours, especially when Lynn only took 5 minutes to dismiss me. I want you to know even if I’m not employed come October, I won’t be applying at your store, I don’t even want to shop there,

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