Walmart Automotive Department Slow Service

9/20/11 I arrived at Walmart Sand Springs Ok. Their hours are 7 to 7. At 7:14AM they finally opened the automotive dept. I asked for a oil change and tire rotation and balance. I have the lifetime warranty. I left and came back at 8:30 and my car was outside. I looked at my tires and saw they weren’t rotated. Due to the fact we marked them. I went inside and the girl had the keys. I said my tires weren’t rotated. She said no they weren’t. It will be about a hour. Computer error.

I went back at 9:30 and set and watched the man working on it loaf around . He did everything but work on the car. As we were watching the whole dept. except for a young girl was just playing around. At 10:30 I finally got my car. My self and several other customers were watching all the playing around and commenting about Walmarts poor service in Sand Springs OK. You wonder why people aren’t shopping Walmart as much, its for reasons like that. I will never take my cars back there again.Thank you CLM

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