Toys R Us Complaint: Terrible Customer Service and Return Ploicy

I bought 2 Tabeo tablets from Toys R Us in November for Christmas gifts on Christmas eve I opened the tablets and attempted to charge them and set them up to give the next day. The tablets are defective and wouldn’t charge I couldnt unplug them from the wall outlet let alone give them as gifts. I called Toys R Us corporate office and spoke to 2 members the first gave me the number to Tabeo and said that they could help me, I called Tabeo support and spoke to 2 peopl there who said that the products were defective and that I should return them because when charging they should hold a steady red light not the blue light the tablets projected. I then again called Toys R Us because thats what its says online to do before returning defective or broken merchandise. I spoke to another service rep who told me that I could return the items in the store with a receipt and gave me a confirmation # that was a record of our conversation. I told the representative that I would be going to a store on Wednesday to return the items, when I got to the store I was told by an employee that electronics couldnt be returned if they were open and I then asked how was I suppose to know that the items were defective if I didnt open them and no one could give me an answer, I then asked about exchanging the items and they said they didnt have them and that they didnt know when they would be in, I then asked about getting different tablets and paying the difference for better items because I had read the reviews for the Tabeo tablet online and that the item seemed to be defective and not really worth the $150 retail price and again I was told no. I asked to speak with the manager who was the rudest of them all and not helpful at all she then told me that I should just go to a couple more stores and see if they have them I then asked her why should I the customer be inconvenienced and have to go anywhere else and the manager walked away. I then proceeded to call the corporate office and speak to 4 different people who were of no help and couldnt tell be why they cant stand by what their employees tell people because I was originally told on Christmas even night that the items could be returned with the receipt. I left the store on Aramingo avenue in Philadelphia with the name of the employees and the badge # of the person I spoke to in corporate because they were all so rude and provided the worst customer service I have ever received in my whole life. The police were called to the store and the employees actually lied and told the police that I was in the store yelling and cursing which was competely untrue as I was in the store more than 2 hours and I told the police if I was causing such a scene in the store why hadnt they called the police earlier. I spoke with the police before leaving the store and they agreed with me the customer because the return policy is so unreasonable received a DC# to file a complaint with small claims courts because the amount in question is almost $400.00. After leaving the store I called the corporate # again and spoke to a very nice young lady who said that she didnt see any reason as to why the store wouldnt return my items if I had the receipt she then went so far as to call another store and speak to the manager who said he would return my items if I had the receipt his reason being that they were Christmas gifts and that we wouldnt know that they were defective unless they were opened.

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