Toyota in general – Loud noise after shutting off engine

I have complained about this to two dealerships. I went back to toyota dunning in
Ann Arbor and again complained. I think it was the manager who with whom I was speaking ande he explained that it was a pump that cycles after the engine is turned off.
I have again taken to stopping owners of the prius model if in fact they have a noise. Yes, but they all tell me it is a soft whirring noise. That is not what I have. It sounds like a
rusty gear or rusty metal against metal and it can be quite loud. It is always after the engine is turned off and occas when I start it up or just before. Not sure on that one.
The problem with the other sound is that it varies in intensity and I cant figure out the reason, so they dont hear it at the dealership. Someone would have to drive the car for a bit
over a period of a few days to hear it. IT IS NOT NORMAL AND I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO GET SOMEONE TO FIX IT. Clearly it is associated with the pump. Seems to me a small thing to take it out and replace it. A response would be appreciated. This has been happening since I purchased the car this year

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