Target Complaint: Problems with debit card

On 10/11/12, I brought pizza at Pizza Hut inside Target. 11627 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33635. (813) 814-1983. My purchase came to $11.06 and when I check my bank statement the next day, I was charge $52.06. Last, four of debit card is 6388. 00000000000429561. I email Target three times and told them about what happen, but I never receive an email back. I told my bank and when they finish their report, they mail me a letter saying I receive $40.00 cash back. I never ask for cash back. After my wife finish eating, and me I withdrawal $120.00 from the Target ATM. On 08/23/12, I purchases items at the same Target for $95.86 and when I check my bank statement the next day, I was charge $195.86. I told my bank and they mail me a letter saying I was not overcharge. I know that I then not purchase that much. I with to Target last week to talk to a manger about this. An employee told her manger and I gave them all the information I had. The manger said he would call me. After four days, I with back to Target and I had to give them the same information again. I came back the next day and the female employee said we did not call you. I said no and she told me that the camera footage show you receiving $40.00 cash back. She said for the other transaction, we could not go back that far. This is the same female employee that told her manger that we can go back as far a year because we then it for somebody else. I ask if I can see the video footage because I do not believe what she is saying to me. She said no. I would like some one to look into this so I can have proof and not someone word. If I have to get a lawyer, I will do this because Target keeps ignoring my emails. Thank you.

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