T-Mobile Upgrade Scam with Galaxy Phone

I had to replace my galaxy s three times and was promised to get an upgrade to the s2 if I had issues again. Guess what? The phone died and I lost all my photos AGAIN and now they tell me that this latest phone can only be replaced AGAIN or take a lower quality phone. They are loosing another customer. My wife and I are on an old plan, pay extra for insurance and the perk to our plan is that “upgrades” are better. We pay $300 more per year than the standard plan now for this “perk” and we are limited on minutes. 7 years and they are losing our business over an upgrade I was promised? Tmobile is lame.

Sorry to say I am with tmobile from years on month to month billing plane.I just request for add a feacher for Internet. On 01/15/2012 tmobile customer service representative explain me about plane will be 49.99per month +$10.00 I cleared him I don’t want to renew my contract very clearly but after few days I spoke with representative they said you are in 2 year contract.even it’s not even 30 days please cancle my contract and put me back on month to month billing contract because I never made or agree for any new contract.

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One Customer Complaint about “T-Mobile Upgrade Scam with Galaxy Phone
  1. Dora Reyna says:

    I had been very happy with t-mobile until now. I renewed my 2 year contract and got a galaxy phone free. so I thought. She even lowered my bill less per month and said I owed only $80.00 for the bill this month. I was so happy and my next bill would be $250.00 a month. I was paying $360.00 a month. To my suprise I had to pay $600.00 on my next bill. I called and they said it was from my last month payment I did not pay . I told them she said I only owed $80.00. Now I have to pay it all on the month before my next bill. I have 5 lines and 2 are getting to renew my contract. I am really thinking of not renewing and going to cricket. My payment would be lowered. I will lower my minutes and wait until the next contract is over to cancel all my lines. very diappointent.

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