T-Mobile Store Scam about Non-Contract Phones

I walked in to a T mobile Store and talked to a store member about a non Contract service with T Mobile. The person who handled my account is named Dwayne. I told Dwayne I was only interested in a non-contract. I asked him about the phones he had for non contract costumers. I asked if he can offer me a similar flip phone that I current had with Verizon. Dwayne showed a flip phone that was as close to my phone T Mobile had. I was interested in the phone but, I did not like how it was designed. I complained to Dwayne about the amount of money I was paying to Verizon and I was searching for a cheaper monthly rate. Dwayne said he can set me up with a non contract for $59.99, nothing more not thing less.

I asked Dwayne if he can obtain my Verizon cell phone number. Dwayne asked me to call Verizon to obtain my account number. I gave Dwayne my account number. Dwayne asked me for I.D and my Social Security number. Immediately after he checked my credit. D Wayne said he can obtain my cell phone number from Verizon. He said once he obtain my number, my account will be closed and Verizon will send me a bill for ending my contract with them. I agreed. He said my credit was good and I can obtain a phone from the selection for non contract costumers. Dwayne compared the flip Phones to the flat screens phones in the selection. The flat screen phones offered more features than the flip phone, I was thinking about buying .

There was one phone I was going to select. The phone I was going to select was a flat screen phone with a keyboard that slides out from the back of the screen. Dwayne showed me another phone which was not in the selection. This is the phone I have now( Samsung SGH-T749).I had two phones to select form. I had to select from the phone that had the flat screen with the keyboard that slides from the back of it or the Samsung. Dwayne compared and contrast the two phones. I said to Dwayne, I never had a touch screen before! I asked if he can show me the Samsung phone in action. Dwayne turned on the device. He showed me some of the phone features. After I compared the two phones ,I selected the Samsung Phone. I did not get the receipt that day nor the contract. This event took place on 12/2/12.

I learned about my contract when I was in a mall. I just saw a T-Mobile stand and decide to walk up and ask what kind of new phone I can select with a non contract plan. The sales Associate asked me for my account information, after waiting a couple of moments, the Associate said I was not a non-contract costumer but I was in a two year contract! I asked the women if she had the right person. The associate told me my information. I Immediately called T-mobile and verified it over the phone. At that moment I felt played , robbed and betrayed. At that moment the Representative was talking and I did not even hear her talking.

Last Week ,I confronted Dwayne about this issue. I asked Dwayne if he can switch this plan in to a non contract. Dwayne said the contract can only be changed over the phone with a T-Mobile Representative. I then ask Dwayne if he can cancel my contract and waive the cancellation fee? Dwayne said he does not have the authorization to cancel my contract. I asked Dwayne, why would you Issue me a contract phone with a non contract plan? He said he made it very clear to me that by selecting the Samsung phone would put me in a contract plan. I then ask Dwayne ,why would you check my credit if I asked for a non contract plan? Dwayne was lost for words when I asked him that.

I then asked Dwayne why am I paying $72.80 cents when you said I will pay only $59.99 He said the most he can do is issue me a discount on my bill until it ends. By the way, Dwayne also said that the First month bill will be 80$ but after the first bill , I would only pay $59.99. This was my first independent Search for a cell phone service. I made it very clear to Dwayne that I never went threw this process before and I needed help finding a cell phone service. I was with Verizon for 5 years and I was on a second line and I would pay my share. I just want to end my contract. I know not everybody is bad or may try to take advantage of me at T- Mobile, but I just want it to end.

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  1. dennis johansen says:

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