T-Mobile Contract Upgrade Fees are a Scam

Here is whats happenning, back in dezember I had my contract upgraded for 2 years and I was told that I was going to get a new phone for free which is the galaxy ll, the rep even told me that I could get another one for 229.00 if I wanted to because of being a loyal customer for 10 years. And now almost 2 months later im been charged for all this extra charges and the rep said that t-mobile only gave me 250.00 as in credit for the phone. So now I think thats unffair, so if you can please review my contract and make sure I dont have to pay what I wasnt told, i’ll appreciatte it. Thanks for ur help. Looking foward to hearing from you.

Called to cancel my contract because my family wants to put me on their phone plan with another company and T-Mobile told me I recently got thrown into another contract when in reality none of this was told to me prior to this third year after discontinuing a second phone from this account. I was not told anything about this change at this time or the at the time of the original phone sale to me. I was not given any paperwork to this regard. I am a 73 year old women who cannot afford to pay any contracts I did not sign or agree to.

I am so sick and tired of this crap I do not have a contract I have delt with this matter already and now i want to cancel service and you want to charge me for doing it early but if i dont have a T-Mobile contract it should not cost . I can not tell you all the stuff so I would like some one to call me to clear this matter up. Go back and check all notes talked to a guy there for over one hour and he checked it out, that when i got my phones and paid for them there was no CONTRACT go back i NEVER agreed to any CONTRACT. So get it handled because now you have made me not want to have you at all. I was going to keep one but not now.

Go back and listen to the recording oh thats right she never sent it to one because THER IS NO CONTRACT.

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