Sprint Complaint Letter: Data service problems and dropped calls

Dear Customer Service Representative, I want to inform you of my dissatisfaction with your service. I have been a customer since October, 2012

Briefly, the problem is that ever since I moved into my new home, my cell phone account has been experiencing not only bad data service including phone freezes, no service signals for periods as long as 5 minutes, but also dropped calls and some where minimum is heard due to the bad coverage I have in the area I live which includes zip codes 33016 and 33018.

I have spoken to two service reps whom have promised to give me a call back (call ID I109330985) which was my first call with a lady named Joan. I explained to her how last month sprint gave me a $100 credit due to a service tower not haven been service and needing immediate assistance in my area.

She promised that she would have someone call me the next day to resolve my problem being thar I was still having problem with my cell. She never called back so I called the next day and was patch over to a guy by the name of Ronney (Call ID I109848168 from call center P12). Ronney actually explained to me how he could see that my phone doesn’t even get 4g because it was the brand new Samsung 3s.

He added and said that I may be experiencing even less than 3g service but even then he could not do anything about getting me out of this contract of help me to get some discount till sprint added 4g towers in my area. He went as far as to ask me why I invested in the new Samsung 3s which was very rude being that Sprint has strong selling campaigns with this phone.

He said that the older phone I had carried 4gmax instead and that I should not have bought that phone. He basically blamed me for purchasing in sprint’s new technology. He also said he would have someone call me back who didn’t. This is terrible service and a bad way to help their customers.

If Sprint can’t provide the service I pay for being that I honestly feel that I get 50 to 60 % of what I pay; then they should let me off the contract without penalty or help to waiver the data fee being that they are not providing it in my area. Plus, I have to deal with no voice service in my home area as well.

In order to resolve this matter I would like to either be let off the contract without penalty or waive some percentage of my monthly bill until sprint can provide proper tower service for data while enhancing drop call rate.

Above I have given two call reference numbers in the hopes that this will open a full investigation of the abuse in service sprint is providing. I will add that I have been a loyal customer of sprint for 19 years. This is by far the worst representation of sprint I have ever experience with terrible rep service.

Please contact me within 10 days of the date of this letter at (305) 467-0053 with specific instructions for resolution of my request. I am also forwarding a copy of this complaint to the Federal Communications Commission. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

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