Samsung Complaint: Samsung Egypt poor customer service

I bought Samsung product believing that it is worth the money invested.
Shortly thereafter, I was unpleasantly surprised with what followed:
I bought a mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy W, GT-I8150) in Cairo, Egypt, on 25th October 2012, from the local vendor (Mobile Shop). Soon after that, I faced the following problem: during a phone call, the sensor that turns off the screen was blocking the device; the screen remained off even though the call was completed. I tried several things (including factory settings) but without any result.
I brought the device to an authorized service center (Union Group, Cairo, Egypt). First they told me it would be fixed in 72 hours. After several calls they told me to come for a week, and when I went there they told me that they are waiting for a spare part from Korea and they needed another week.
Their attitude when I call them by phone: firstly I had to listen to the recorded message about 3 minutes, and then operator kept me another 3 minutes to listen to music, and finally the line was disconnected.
I want to emphasize that the Samsung -Union Group representatives exclude the possibility to replace the device with the new ones, if it is not repaired within the reasonable time.
Finally I would like to express my great disappointment with the above mentioned situation. I am thinking about possibility to claim for a compensation to cover the time and effort wasted.
Miki Jovic
Cairo, Egypt

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