Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Complaint: samsung deserves misfortune

Purchased a galaxy note 2 in favor of a galaxy s3 and an iphone5. My mistake was even thinking that Samsung was capable of making quality products.

Word of warning, Samsung consumer electronics, or anything with a one year manufacturers warranty might look nice but in terms of quality, Samsung doesn’t care about the consumer.

As for phone and customer support, they transferred me three times in one phone call and then finally hung up on me.

I understand if technical jargon is not a universal language, so hire people that can understand it.

Samsung has been around for a while, but they operate like a new business getting it’s legs, products and support. I hope apple tears a new one in you, at least the money I spend with Apple is well spent.

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One Customer Complaint about “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Complaint: samsung deserves misfortune
  1. O.K says:

    Bad experience with Samsung Service Centre in Jurong Point. Hey! I used to be a Samsung supporter. My family uses Hp, Tab, Note and Printer cum scanner etc. But have a very bad experience with the samsung service when my 1st Note 10.1 having problems within 4 mths of purchase.
    Infact I hardly use it, just to standby when i need to do presentation if my laptop got problem. Bringing down to the service centre and having repaired for 3rd times within a mth and it is still not working. Having the charger, cable, motherboard changed and still not chargeable.

    Worst of all, the customer service are damn sucks. As per instructed by the service manager to see him directly anytime otherwise leave the Note to any stuff for checking. Upon arrival, the staff says that is handle by the service manager, rounding for 15minutes, say they cant accept it on behalf. Anything please wait till he is back from lunch. And request me to wait for him for another hour after his lunch. One lady actually told me its rule that they can’t contact their manager even for urgent matters??? And they do not know his mobile either.

    Other than him, there isn’t anybody can authorise anything? Please wait or come again tomorrow. Ridiculous!!! If I just walk in, take a queue no. any staff should be able to diagnose immediately and accept the device providing a job order for further diagnose. At the end, I have to call the call centre to get hold of the service manager.

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