Sam’s Club Complaint Letter: Accused of Stealing

To whom it may concern, On January 5, 2013, I was with a friend, Debra Jubert, at our local Sams Club Store # 6671 in Freehold, NJ. I accompanied her while she shopped with her membership to decide whether I would later purchase a membership for my family. While in the store, I found a dining room table and chair set that I liked and she made the purchase, using her Sams Club Card.

Realizing that the package was too large for our vehicle, I contacted my brother to assist with his pickup truck

At check out I advised the Sam’s club cashier that I would not be able to take the large boxes with us at this time, however I would return with my brother later that evening to make the pick up. This was approved by one of the supervisors at the time and she wrote on the receipt that the items would be picked up at a later time and she initialed my receipt. It was decided that the boxes would be held at the courtesy counter on a cart until I arrived later that evening.

At approximately five PM, I returned with my brother to pick up the items. Upon reporting to the Sam’s club courtesy counter, I was advised that there was a problem with the number of table and chair sets, and that they believed that one set had been taken without authorization or “Stolen”. It just so happened that a man had just purchased the same set and was in the process of loading his into his vehicle.

That gentleman was confronted outside of the store and asked to produce his receipt to show that it was purchased, which he complied and it was confirmed that he had just made the purchase.

The Sam’s club store Manager would not release the merchandise, as she believed that there was “Store Shrinkage” and she would have to investigate further.

After some time had passed, the Sam’s club manager after viewing surveillance video then proceeded to ask me if I sent my daughter back with my receipt to pick up the set earlier and now I returned to try to claim another set with my receipt.

I explained that I did not have a daughter. Now I am being accused of stealing this dining set which came in 4 very large boxes. All of this is taking place in front of all of the Sam’s customers and I was very embarrassed, being accused of stealing only because they were worried about their “store shrinkage”.

I went outside to inform my brother of the problem and he being a retired police captain came inside to try and rectify the problem. He explained that we were waiting over an hour and he had a dinner engagement to attend and we wanted the merchandise so we could leave.

They would not release it until they could view the video. We were told it would be ten minutes, well after an hour had passed, and being accused of stealing, he now he decided to call the Freehold Twp. police.

I was made a spectacle in the Sam’s club store. Now standing with a police officer in front of all of the customers, I felt so embarrassed and humiliated. All I wanted to do was pick up my merchandise as I was instructed to do at the time of my purchase. It was supposed to be held on a cart in front by the service desk until I returned to pick it up. I should’ve been in and out in 10 minutes.

It is not my fault if the table and chairs disappeared. Sam’s has someone checking receipts at the door as members leave, I shouldn’t have been held there on display for 2 hrs. while the manager checked surveillance video, worried about “store shrinkage”.

The merchandise was finally released to me, as we were leaving the police officer mentioned to me that they found the missing table and chairs on a cart in the back of the store somewhere. Because of the store’s mismanagement of their merchandise I had to be detained, humiliated, and accused of stealing.

Sam’s Club obviously does not treat their member’s with any respect. Here, you pay to shop at their warehouse and this is how they treat their members! My intention was to purchase a Sam’s Club embership, however, after the way I was humiliated in front of the store for all of the members to witness I will continue my membership with Costco.

I am also contemplating seeking legal counsel as to the way the situation was handled. The manager should have released my merchandise to me. I had my receipt.

Instead I was detained for hours, while they called the woman who signed my receipt at the time of purchase, asking for a description of myself, viewed video, all the time speaking to several employees, trying to figure out who walked out with this merchandise, making me feel and look like a criminal.

I cannot tell you the stress I suffered at the hands of your employees. I had been in the hospital days before the incident and I was still recovering from my illness and did not need this added stress and aggravation.

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