Rude CVS Customers and Employees

I have noticed a ton of complaints about rude CVS employees. I am a pharmacy tech at a CVS store and I would like to complain about rude CUSTOMERS. You people think that because you are customers that gives you the right to treat the employees like crap…well it DOESN’T! My FIRST day on the job a 90 year old customer told me to f*#k myself because I politely asked her to wait 10 minutes for the pharmacist to fix her insurance. I have also been hit in the chest when a customer threw her pharmacy bag at me because HER insurance raised her copay.

I have also been cursed out by a customer for wanting to verify his date of birth. You so called “customers” blame us for everything. If your insurance rejects a claim, it’s our fault. If your doctor doesn’t call in your script, it’s our fault. And all of you want your scripts “right now.”. You idiots don’t seem to get that it takes more than throwing pills in a bottle to process a script. So the next time you want to complain about a CVS employee you better check your own attitude first. Being a jerk isn’t going to get you what you want any faster. If anything, you will wait that much longer.

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5 Customer Complaints about “Rude CVS Customers and Employees
  1. linda foy says:

    Are you kidding me? I just read what the pharmacist at a CVS wrote about rude customers. I work in a job that I have to deal with potetially rude parents, does that give me the right to call them “stupid” no it certainly does not. You are supposed to be in control of yourself at all times. If you can’t take the heat maybe you need to get out of the kitchen. I can’t believe that an educated person such as yourself would leave a post like you did calling sick people “stupid” Obviously if we were healthy we wouldn’t be getting drugs filled now would we. Just because some of us are enduring a potentially serious illness or just sick with an infection of some sort or maybe just maybe we are going through a battle with cancer…none of it gives anybody the RIGHT to be rude towards you but it doesn’t give you the right to call us stupid..start acting like a pharmacist and maybe you will get the respect you deserve.

  2. Chris says:

    The post from the CVS pharmacist only proves why so many of us hate dealing with CVS. I’m sure you do have to deal with difficult people. You work in a pharmacy where people go to pick up drugs because they don’t FEEL well! Maybe if you tried treating your client, who by the way are the reason you have a job, with dignity and respect, you might get the same in return. I was at a CVS yesterday where the woman behind the counter was just a rude jerk, because I “wasn’t in the system” I cannot tell you have many prescriptions I’ve filled with CVS, but she was just a total bi**h because she couldn’t find me, so I must be just a total nut that has no idea where I fill my prescriptions! Then, you would have thought that I had slapped her in the face because she had to take two minutes to enter me into the computer, only to find out when she was done…….I was already in the system!!!Really?! The only reason I go to CVS is that I’m forced to because of my insurance plan. I buy all my other pharmaceutical need from Walgreens, because they are always respectful and helpful. Here is a suggestion for those of you that work at CVS. If you don’t like your job… find a new one and stop treating the clients like crap. Try being nice and respectful and you just might be the same in return!

  3. Clerk says:

    I work as a clerk for my local CVS/Pharmacy. While it is just a small job to make money and it can be hard to smile when I have school and other things going on I still do my best and always try to be nice and the best worker I can be. While the job does not mean as much to me as school and other things in my life I owe it to treat customer sgood and be a good worker since I’m being payed.I understand customers who complain because I know there are employees who mistreat the customers. At the same time I find people in general to be ignorant. customers and employees. I have had pleanty of experiences with rude customers in my few months working at CVS. Ive also had incredibly nice people. incredibly understanding people. Just like some employees are not the best, i understand why employees would be frustrated with some customers. by ignorance I mean things like cashiers scanning an item and if it rings up at the wrong price the customer basically yells at the cashier and I can barely tell them im going to modify it because they are yelling at me over it. It is hard for me to understand because Ive always been the opposite in stores when Im the customer. If the employees make a mistake I dont get upset because I know everyone makes mistakes and I wouldnt want people freaking out on me if i made a mistake but some people do and others are so nice about it. Its not customers or employees in general its just rude people from both sides. This is neverrrr something i thought would bother me but it does bother me when customers will be on the phone and not even say a word at all even when you say hi. I dont mind them being on the phone but most say thank you at least at the end but some dont even do that. i never thought id care about that but i do. There are just rude people on both sides of the register. ignorant people. There are some awesome customers and some rude ones and the same goes for employees.

  4. Korkster says:

    I find this appalling, more so especially coming from a company that has built its name on “Care”. Unqualified pharmacists like yourself should be working elsewhere.

  5. Details says:

    The post is by a pharmacy tech, not a pharmacist. Not that it matters, because the post is still absolutely true. Being a customer does not mean you should have bad manners. The customer is not always right, in fact they are usually wrong.

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