McDonald’s Complaint Letter: 3 piece chicken nuggets

my name is tajuonna hayden and i was working at mcdonalds at 6950 woodridge houston texas when i was fired yesterday bevause the nugget scooper scooped a few extra nuggets as in three i kept in my box not really thinking nothing of it a crew worker hispanic says i intentionally tried to steal nuggets and told a mnanger who told me i cant fix my own luch and ive workred there for 6 months and no one has ever fixed my food but me now its a problem to once i spoke to the gm jose alfaro who couldnt clearly read tried his besty to read me policy rights told me im bein term9inated because of policty rights that clearly non of the managers or crew trainers seem to be displaying to new trainees r doing . i felt as if he picks a chooses b/c when customers come in the always have cameras out recording the managers and mexicans in a huttle chit chattin but the gm does hear about that b/c im sure the hispanic managers dont tell on themselves and who there standing around talking to . i thought i was suppose to get a verbal warning then a written then temination please help me i need my job

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