Poor Customer Service from AT&T DSL

To whom it may concern: I would like to make you aware of my very first experience with AT&T as a new DSL customer. I placed the initial order on Aug 19th around noon. The order was placed online with phone assistance from a representative. The order process went fine as well as delivery of the equipment. Below is a series of telephones calls, names, dates, hold times etc. in chronological order.

8/25 – set up equipment – DSL light flashing red.
8/25 – first call for technical assistance. Placed on hold for 25 minutes. Hung up and tried again same day – hold for 20 more minutes – hung up again, had to leave for class.
8/26 – called again placed on hold – had to hang up for work.

9/2 – took the day off to resolve DLS problem. Called AT&T at 1:30 pm. was placed on hold for 27 minutes. A customer service rep picked up, I explained in detail that I could not get online. She transferred me to someone else.
9/2 – on hold for 23 minutes – talked to Maui for 20 minutes. I did not have my account# however, I did have ALL the other information such as name, address, phone# etc. that I felt she should have been able to look up the account. She could not. Maui transferred me which again, I was placed on hold for approximately 22 minutes.

9/2 – Charles picked up and asked for the same information that I gave the other representatives. I gave him the information and told him the purpose of my call. I was on with Charles for about 12 minutes and he said he had to transfer me. At this time it was clear that no one knew what they were doing and therefore, I was wasting my time. I asked Charles to please transfer me to a manager. I was placed on hold for about 3 minutes – no problem – Nash picked up.

9/2 Nash identified himself as the “floor supervisor”. Again, I gave Nash all the information I had given everyone else. Nash mentioned that he could not pull up any information and he had to transfer me to someone else in order to get the account number. Nash also asked me 3 times what “state” I was calling from. I told Nash 3 separate times Ohio. Nash put me on hold for about 2 minutes and came back to the phone and apologized telling me I will have to hold for 10 minutes for the next person to help me. Very much frustrated I said OK. Keep in mind I took the day off to get this issue resolved.

9/2- My 10 minute hold ended up being 25 minutes at which time Eslam picked up. During the hold time I was able to locate my account number. I gave the account number to Eslam who told me the account number did not exist. He then asked me what state I was calling from, I told him Ohio. To my disbelief he said I was transferred to California and therefore he could not help me. Keep in mind Nash – floor supervisor- transferred me after asking 3 times what state I was calling from. Eslam transferred me. Again, on hold. Andrea picked up.

9/2 – I explained to Andrea what my issue was as well as my frustration with how it was being addressed. Unfortunately, because of the language barrier I now had a very difficult time understanding Andrea. I tried patiently to get her to help me and asked her to slow down while speaking because I was having problems understanding her. It became so difficult I asked Andrea if should could possibly get me someone else to talk to – she was also having problems understanding me. She remained pleasant but did not get anyone else. Even through the language barrier Andrea tried to resolve the problem. However, she then ended up sending out a technician. This call took approximately 36 minutes.

The above series of events is totally unacceptable customer service. During the hold time I pulled the AT&T box out and put the return label on the box ready to send it back with a letter. I am one very unhappy customer with the lack and limited knowledge from the AT&T employees. This is poor customer service. My mom has her telephone service through AT&T for as long as I can remember. When I told her of my experience the first thing she wanted to do was drop her phone service. I told her to wait and see if they send a technician out as promised. My mom called me first thing Sunday Sept. 4, and I told her they did come out and took care of it.

Again, this is totally unacceptable customer service that should have never happened. Almost 3 hours to resolve a problem that should have taken no longer than 20 to 30 minutes. This is a huge issue.

I appreciate any feedback from you.

Thank you for your time.


J Clayton


Randall Stephenson – CEO, President

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