Not Recieved Groupon Items That Are Paid For

I have purchase a deal from Groupon for a Spring Flower Hamper (92 different bulbs) on the 30th of January , the product was supposed to come from a place The Good Homne Store. after paying I have received an email saying my item will be delivered within two weeks, came two weeks, three weeks nothing, rang the place few times always on anwer phone, and was given email address, emailed them, received reply flowers are being pick up in Holland, I said wow, ok , i was told will arrive within 7 days, nothing arrived after 14 days, emailed again after 21 days, reply will be send next friday it is now the fifth Friday still no delivery. Made complaint via email as no answer on phone. Got an answer asking my order number and what is the name of item. I answered right away no reply back since then, that was two weeks ago. Complaint to Groupon via email never received any reply. January to May, my flower bulbs must be blossoming somewhere already. Very frustrating , everytime I looked at my bare garden it deppresses, imagining what could have been a colourful garden if The Home Good Store and Groupon delivered.

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2 Customer Complaints about “Not Recieved Groupon Items That Are Paid For
  1. Ordered morning fresh washing up liquid on the 28th March.Money has been paid but no items received yet.Please let me know what has happened.

  2. I still haven’t received my items from Group on.It was morning fresh washing up liquid.Money has been paid no items.Please look in to this matter for me

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