Rica Yearly Promotion: Nokia Scam SMS Messages

I received a rica yearly promotion SMS on my phone to say that my sim number has won the sum of R100,000 from NOKIA YEARLY PROMOTION and my pin is 1208. Then it goes to say that that I should contact my claim agent Mr Taylor on 0717118848.

I immediately googled this promotion only to find out that it was a scam.Now that we have RICA in place, why cant Nokia track down these criminals who try to steal our hard-earned money. I was shocked to see the number of rica yearly promotion complaints about this SCAM on the internet.

Surely these criminals must be catching some people who are desperate for cash. We are all desperate for money but if you are not careful enough, you will end falling for these criminals. Please NOKIA, do something about this rica yearly promotion scam!!! How can you not stop these people whne you are such a big organisation. Please protect our nation from these hooligans.


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12 Customer Complaints about “Rica Yearly Promotion: Nokia Scam SMS Messages
  1. Keletso says:

    I got the sms goes like : congratulation you have won R110,00 and a laptop in the rica yearly promo ref no (kpk5b).call john on 0717118848 , i did call him and I paid close to R4,000 and they needed another R5,500 for money to be released to my account . Hey guys this is a big scam and you should stop them .

    • w.j le roux says:

      i also got an sms that says i have won 110 000 and a laptop !!!but lucky me i now a scam when i see 1. they asked me for my bank account and then i new they are up to someting!!!!!!! you are going to get court believe yo me…..

  2. Alex says:

    I recieved the same sms as Keletso, one can see straight away its a scam, but i ask u whats the point of rica, if you can’t catch the mother fuckers?

  3. madelein fraser says:

    I just received an sms stating that I’ve won a laptop and R110 000. I paid R110 airtime. Glad I googled this. Now I know its a scam. This is not the end for you john……I’m taking this to court……!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lehloza says:

    2 days ago i recieved an sms stating that i won R250K and a laptop, ref:y22n. I should contact linda to claim @0781790973. Luckily im awake, u cnt scam a pro. Monkeys tried to pull a fast 1.

  5. Faith says:

    Js got an sms saying that I have won R250000. I was really hoping it is 4 real but from what I gather it is not. Oh well…


    just got 2 messages stating that my rica sim has won me the sum of R250;000 in RICA ALL NETWORK PROMOTION and my reference no. is gmr75 then i should contact Rica HELP LINE Mrs Dandice at 0715162603,im sincerly concerned about this coz i thunk these people are just criminals but i want to make sure first that it is not true that i have won that money though i have never played a competition like this so far

  7. Robert Ralekoa Molefe says:

    Kindly help us to to stop this white collar crime, i have received so
    many sms that i had won laptop andR 95000..
    Youre help will be very important since u had control of cell phones and


  8. Edward says:

    This mother fuckers must pay we must take them to court alot of people is loosing money

  9. Elizabeth seroke says:

    I had received an sms says i had won R250,000 on rica rearly promotion and i gave them my address i,m so worried today how could i been so stuipt like dat with my account

  10. Mrs Rikhotso says:

    I just received an SMS saying that I won an amount of 250.000 from Rica yearly promo and my ref no is RC105A that I should contact their claim call center

  11. SIPHIWE says:

    I am one of the victim that receive an sms saying I have won R250.000 from rica and my ref number is 0199T call this number to clam: 073 911925

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