No Money Back Refund from Groupon

Having had problems regarding the service of Groupon we found your website regarding the groupon company. Unfortunatley we have experienced the same problems like others people and had we seen this before making our purchase we would have thought twice before making our purchase. On the 13th August 2011 we purchased 2 groupon vouchers for Teeth Whitening from Pearl National at 69 pounds each (totally cost us 138 pounds). As my partner and I had booked to have a photoshoot for our wedding the month after we thought this was a great purchase to get our smiles right.

Unfortunatley come the day of our appointment I recieved a Text message from Pearl National to reschedule our appoinment due to stock shortages. We rescheduled for the following week even tho it was after our photoshoot as we had paid for the service but unfortunaley our smiles were wiped from our faces again on the day of this new appointment we again got a similar text message about stock shortages. I rang Pearl National to request a refund and the sent me an email confirming that they would authorise this with Groupon.

Having made several phone calls to Groupon and listened to the same onhold music for what seemed like too long i decided to email Groupon. The first email was sent on 22nd of Sep 2011, then our first email recieved a response from Groupon on 23rd of Sep requesting the Email confirmation of cancellation from Pearl National Which we have forwarded to them. After that I replied to Groupon with all information they need for refunding my money on 25th of Sep 2011. Since that I never get reply from them.

Therefore I emailed them another 2 emails which on 26th and 29th of Sep 2011, but till today 3rd of Oct 2011 that I still have no replys from Groupon about refund. Please help us that we dont know what else we can do to get our money back from Groupon and contacting them is very difficult to do.

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2 Customer Complaints about “No Money Back Refund from Groupon
  1. Kavita says:

    I wish I had seen your review before I bought a voucher from them. The same thing happened to me but this time was the hotel and a pass to a theme park. Hope you were able to get your money back. They are hopeless people.

  2. Helen says:

    I have a similar issue with a company that have cancelled my appointment 9 times and groupon will only issue me credits which I don’t want

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