Microsoft Complaint: Windows 8, gadgets, and PDF reader

On Friday I purchased a laptop. I did not want Windows 8, but it came preloaded and I wanted this particular laptop. I do not care for the start menu or how you have to use windows 8, but I can perhaps live with it, as well as the time it takes for new drivers to be available for my printer, NAS drive, external webcam, and so iTunes will recognize my iPod, HOWEVER, the fact that I can no longer get or run gadgets is crazy. I got used to and then loved them with Vista and then Win 7, but Microsoft has removed them entirely and I can’t get them back and it’s just a lost function. Why in the world would you give something to your customers, get them to like it and then take it away? Because it’s not about the customer but how much money you can shove in your pockets. Furthermore, the pdf reader in Win 8 is RUBBISH! TOTAL FREAKING RUBBISH! You can’t properly minimize it, you can’t run and see multiple pdf files, you can’t open a link to a pdf within a pdf, you can’t even figure out how to close the thing. You have to do that stupid grab at the top, pull to the bottom and go back to the desktop and then, it’s not even properly minimized – it’s running in the background and you have to find that stupid thumbnail in the upper left hand corner to right click and close it. I might try to download adobe, but there are so many things that do not run properly with win 8, I’m thinking adobe won’t even run. I don’t care for the looks of win 8 either. I’m not an idiot and I don’t need some screen full of blocks to find what I want. It’s time for a new paradigm. It’s time for corporations and manufacturers to all play nice in the sandbox together or you need to just go away. If these issues do not get resolved in 3 to 5 months I’m going to reformat this laptop and put windows 7 back in it and start over. MICROSOFT WINDOWS 8 – FAIL. (For those of you struggling with getting iTunes to recognize your apple device – go see the youtube video “How to sync an Ipod Touch in Windows 8″. I may have to do this every time to sync until there is a fix out, but at least you can get it done this way.)

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