McDonald’s Ohio Complaint: Manager rude and humiliated me

I frequented the Orrville, Oh McDonalds until the Manager, was not only rude but humiliated me in front of other customers by her words and actions. I have never had a complaint until now. My last visit was Dec 20, 2012 and I can not bring myself to stop there again after how I was treated. I thought it would pass as I have frequented that store regularly prior to this incident. I feel I am owed an apology from her.

Most times I go through the drive through but I was with a friend and we wanted to eat in. I have kept my receipt if you need any information on it other than the store # which is #11923 and mer# 25710002 and kvs order 91.

On Dec 20, 2012 at 9:32 am the incident which I am referring to is I ordered a Egg n Cheese McGriddle (no meat). The young lady at the register taking our order didn’t know how to ring it up as there is no key for it as there is 1 for the Egg n Cheese Biscuit I frequently order. I started to tell her how this store other stores ring it up, which is — 2 McGriddles, a Folded Egg and slice of Cheese—comes up to $1.99. This woman (which turned out to be the manager) came over and said I could not order it like that.

She told the girl not to do it like that. I started to say but they always have and she quickly interrupted me. She loudly said whoever has been doing that is wrong, this is her store and it is her way. Said I could not have the folded egg on the sandwich but had to take the scrambled egg since I was ordering separate items for a sandwich. I again started t o say something but she wouldn’t let me finish before again saying this was her store and it had to be done her way. She told the girl to ring it up as a scrambled egg not folded for Egg n Cheese McGriddle Sandwich.

There was no saying anything to her because she was insisting I was wrong and whoever has been doing it like that is wrong at her store or any store. With all the customers standing there listening to this I just let it go. I did ask her name and said I might complain to higher ups. She said she didn’t care because she was right and that’s how it will be done and repeated her name loudly. I felt bad for the girl waiting on us as she seemed embarrassed by all this also.

The Scrambled Egg was horrible on that sandwich, it was sloppy and falling apart. All I was asking for was a McGriddle Sandwich with no Meat and didn’t want to be charged for the meat. I’ve never had a problem until this time. I guess it was because I didn’t go through the drive through.

Even before they had a key for the Egg n Cheese Biscuit they always rang up the items separate, Biscuit, Folded Egg and Cheese. I was not forced into taking a Scrambled egg on the sandwich which makes for a sloppy sandwich. I have even gotten a Toasted Cheese from McDonald’s on occasion.

I know that this manager is new to this store in Orrville as Manager but no excuse to treat or talk to customers this way. I can only imagine that if she feels so free to treat and talk to a customer this way how she must treat the employees.

I really feel I deserve both a verbal and written apology from this Manager, as to how she talked to and treated me. Until then I just can’t bring myself to patronized that store.

Thank-you for taking the time to read this.

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