McDonald’s Complaint: Service

I like McDonalds food & especially the Breakfast Menu. The closest McDonalds to me is the one at Hyw 109 & Eastgate Blvd, Lebanon TN. 37090. But it seems that every time I go thru the drive thru that something in the order gets messed up. Either there won’t be Napkins or Plastic Ware or the order is filled wrong. The main times is week ends but week days also. ( week ends ) gravy bowls aren’t filled up, most are half full or less & not enough to cover 2 biscuit halves. This morning 2/20/13 I ordered a Country Ham & Egg Biscuit and got Canadian Bacon instead of Country Ham. I drove 5 miles back to get it what I ordered. The Management ( if you can get one to speak to you ) seems to care less about complaint’s, just brush you off with a I’m sorry, here’s a Apple Pie. I’d much rather have my order correct and get the Full order the 1st time I get it. I’m sure I’ll keep going to this location just because it’s the closest one to me, but it would be nice if the SERVICE improved. I’m not looking for or asking for a Free Meal or an Apple Pie, I’d just like to get what I pay for. Good Food, the Correct Amount & Good Service.

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