LG Complaint: LG Waveforce Washer Lemon

I bought my LG Waveforce washer on 3/31/2012 from Sears Outlet. The electronic boards in the washer went out 3 times by end of September 2012 (6 months). It died a fourth time on 4/14/2013- 2 weeks out of warranty. I had planned on buying the extended warranty but hadn’t had time to call about it yet. I contacted LG about buying an extended warranty but they wouldn’t sell it to me because my washer was broke, and I asked them for a curteous extended warranty since I had so many problems with it. I immediately sent them all the documentation they needed and after being strung along for 2 weeks and finally escallating to a superviser, I was told they would not give me a curteous extended warranty because I bought it at a Sears Outlet?? I could understand if it were Craiglist, ebay, or some used 3rd party appliance store, but a Sears Outlet?? I own several large appliances and electronics by LG so I consider myself a loyal customer, and I only asked that they show me the same appreciation since my washer is obviously a lemon. At this point I’ve received nothing but horrible customer service and a devistating lack of appreciation for my business and as of right now I will never buy another LG product again. I’m hoping a positive response by LG will pursuade me otherwise.

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