Kohl’s Scam: $10 Off Coupon Problems

A friend and I went to Our favorite kohl’s tonight each with two $10 off coupons (2 from our emails and 2 from our mothers’ emails). Anyway, we have gone before with multiple (but not obscene) amounts of coupons and cashiers have been very kind and let us use them. Tonight, while Christmas shopping, we went up to the register only to have a manager say we absolutely could not use them all due to the policy (perfectly fine! Some feel that way!).

The policy is not my complaint! So we made our first purchases, first hers, then mine, and backed ip from the register to review our remaining items. When you’re a college student, every discount counts! While she held our bagged purchases away from the cart, I shuffled through the few items left deciding if I wished to pay $19.99 for an item I originally thought would be $10 cheaper (paying double what I expected?- worth rethinking). Then my friend said that the manager was going to every cashier and telling them we had already used our maximum amount of coupons for the night and not to let us blah blah blah.

All while pointing us out and watching us… How rude and unprofessional can you get?! I LOVE kohl’s and have never had an incident like this before! We were both offended and shocked by her behavior :( She made us feel like criminals! Again, all I wanted to do was reevaluate and decide how much more money I was willing to spend! I will not be returning to the Kohl’s on thomasville road in Tallahassee, FL again. No paying customer (or even someone just browsing) deserves to be treated like a criminal!

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6 Customer Complaints about “Kohl’s Scam: $10 Off Coupon Problems
  1. elle says:

    I work there and the reason why the manager was going around that is bc there are so mannnyyy ppl that scam the system. i had to work thur the holidays and so many ppl were doing it kohls coropation finally found a way to stop it so that coupons can only be used once and mulitples wont work. now there is still ppl that try and bring $10 off coupons when we dont even send them out anymore. im sure it wasnt directed toward you as a criminal. its just when everyone is doing the store losing money then in return cant afford to pay their employees.

    • rachel says:

      Hi elle, These $10 coupons are no longer being sent out? I thought a friend of mine said she got one. Should i warn her? Thanks

  2. Robin Mosby says:

    Kohls DOES still give out $10 off coupons but in the fine print it DOES say that it is ONE coupon per customer. I’m a manager at a Kohls here in Houston, Tx and I can tell you for sure that there are many people who take advantage of the system, but customers NEED to realize that we are also running a business and if you are going to try and go around the rules. If you think it’s that big of a deal, come back the next day and do it, when there are different people…but the manager had all of the right in the world to inform you that it is in fact ONE PER CUSTOMER. You shouldnt write a negative review about a store because of a scam you were trying to run, because you were obviously in the wrong.

  3. Jack Greene says:

    I agree with Robin Mosby. I am not employed at Kohl’s but I do follow their policies. If the coupon says one per customer, then you’re just being dishonest and greedy by trying to use more than one. The majority of Kohl’s customers abide by these rules, what makes you so special that you can break or bend them? The manager was not being unprofessional, she holds every right to give her employees a heads up if you’re going to abuse the system. It’s sad and pathetic at the same time for people like you to abuse the system, then cry that the store (who is doing their job by upholding policy) is being unfair and calling you a criminal. Nobody called you a criminal, but obviously you know you’re in the wrong if you think so. Are you a criminal? No. But you are being dishonest and greedy, and should feel ashamed.

  4. Jessica says:

    Was doing a search online about how I am seeing Kohl’s ten dollar off coupons and wanted to know how I could get one and found this “debate”. I am really offended at the answers some of you have given. She should feel ashamed? I think NOT! She has 2 coupons, one of her own and one of her mothers. She didn’t have ten that she bought off Ebay. Seriously Jack? She was treated like a criminal and I can not blame her for not going back. I had a similar experience at a Kohl’s in Midland, MI. The power tripping manager tried to say I could not use my ONE and ONLY $5 off coupon because I had already been in there using them, mind you that was my only time in the store. I do not buy coupons on Ebay and I have only EVER received one coupon. I also had a $10 Kohl’s cash I had from a prior shopping trip. Which you all should know that you can use together. She even said that it was fraud YET they BOTH rang up as legit coupons. The way I was treated was INEXCUSABLE! And seeing how some employees and even a manager are responding to this complaint makes it even more for me NEVER to want to shop at a Kohl’s again.

  5. jessica says:

    I hate ppl who try to get away with using more then the % and the $ off coupon stupid. Im not going to argue with a cusomter ill just get a manager to deal with it even though i am a supervisor in CA. People need yo read the fine print doesnt matter if its your moms or whom ever ONE PER cusomter seems fair enough just think if we let one person get away with using them like that how many more theyll be later on. I have more problems with armians and pakasenians they own apartments and steal almost 85% of the coupons in the complex. So kohls has their reasons. We are not trying to be rude or mean we just want ppl to abid by the policy.

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