Kohl’s Complaint: Online Ordering Problems with Website

DO NOT ever order online from Kohls. I placed my order on 11/29/12, my credit card was charged right away, after 3 days of the order still showing the same status I emailed the Company….no response…emailed again…no response. Finally on 12/5/12 after 20 minutes of holds and computers , finally spoke with a human being. The CSR explained that there was a “glitch” in their system which did not update some of the orders to show that they had shipped. She even went so far as to “READ” a memo which they received from Corporate regarding the problem. She kept re-assuring me the entire order had shipped out together from the same warehouse but due to the “Glitch” could not get a tracking number. Well guess what, I received an email the next day stating a shipping label was created 12/6/12, but it was for only 1 item. Later in the day another email stating a shipping label was created 12/6/12 for the other 7 items. The kicker… they then sent a 3rd email stating they cancelled an item. Each shipment was from a different facility!! Oh and by the way.. the items are going to arrive on 12/14/12!!! Which means now we have to pay extra in shipping costs to get these items to family members for the holidays!! How can a Company of this size take more than 1 week to process an order????? I had ordered from (6) other online companies both major chains and smaller store DAYS after ordering from Kohls…and have already received every item. REALLY 1 week to process an order!!! NO THANKS!!! I will take my business elsewhere !!

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