Kohl’s Complaint: Account Ease Premium charge that I didn’t authorize

November 25,2012

Attn: Kohl’s Compaint Department/ RE; Account Ease Premium fee that I didn’t Authorize.

I have been a faithful Kohl’s shopper for alittle more than 2 years now. I have been swayed away from shopping at Kohl’s as often as before because there was a news report (on television about 2 or 3 months ago advising consumers that Kohl’s was over charging their customer. That Kohl’s would advertise an item as a sale price however, cover up the original price which was already less than the sale price; that was a fraudlet act to me and I was to get over your loyal and the public.
I haven’t been receiving my Kohl’s statement the last few months and last month I remembering calling in to see why I wasn’t receiving my bill. he gentlemen confirmed my address and advised of the current balance due. He said that I had a late fee charged towards my account. I asked why and said that this bill is getting larger and I am not even using the card. He said that he would wave the late fee.
Little did I know that Kohl’s was charging me a $33.35 Account Ease Premium charge. What is the world is this fee and who signed me up for this because I didn’t. I never signed up for this additional under the cover fee; verbally, physically, spiritually or any other kind of way. Kohl’s in my opinion is ripping off consumers again and I am certainly getting ripped off.
I called Kohl’s on Saturday after finally receiving a bill again. I was so angry to see this Account ease Premium on my bill. I asked the representative to see how long I have been charged this amount and she said that she could only go back the last 12 months and guess what: I HAVE BEEN CHARGED THE LAST 12 MONTHS. I am so heated because I am sure that I have Been charged this fee probably since I started this Kohl’s account over 2 years now. I would have never agreed to add on such a bogus service like this one. I have never added any sadditional services on to any of my charge cards.
I am requesting that this charged be removed from my account from the first day that it was added because, unless you can show me whwre I agreed to such a charged in writing or a verbal authorization, I WANT THIS CHARGED REMOVED from the monies that I owe SINCE THE FIRST TIME THAT YOU ALL DECIDED TO ADD IT.
As I advised the supervisor when I called, if these charges are not removed, I will contact a attorney because I truly feel that you Kohl’s has ripped me off and I am sure other consumers are alos not aware of this charged that Kohl’s just placed on my account without my authorization. I am also submitting a claim to the Better Business Bureau because I feel that Kohl’s has really committed fraud.

Carol B. Spears

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