Kohl’s Cash Back Scam is a Bait and Switch

I purchased January 18, 2012 online with my Kohl’s credit card a Dyson vaccum cleaner . I never received any Kohl’s Cash incentive back because they said I submitted an order an an “unregistered guest” and will not honor any cash back incentive. A person would think that if they had a credit card by this store they would be considered to have an account and wouldn’t have to order as a registered guest. This was only the second time I had ordered online at Kohl’s and I did it the same way as I did the first time and received Kohl’s cash back then, however, my first order amount wasn’t as large as the vaccum amount. “Too much Kohl’s cash to give back”.

It appears to me that Kohl’s doesn’t want to do what their advertising appears to project. It also appears that they are using “bait and switch” tactics! I also am unable to check the status of my order because they said my password was wrong, so I changed it and now I’m blocked out of my account! I saved my money in order to buy this vaccum cleaner and did a lot of research to find the best buy. I thought I had found that at Kohl’s because of their “Kohl’s cash back offer”, but it’s looking like they don’t stand up to their offers!

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