All Canadians Beware of Kohl’s in Canada

All Canadians beware of Kohls!! We live north of the border and frequently, a large group of us head south for 2.5 hours to shop. In August, I was badgered into getting a credit card to save on my purchase. The purchase was for less than 40 dollars.

When I received the bill, I called Kohls to pay for my purchase with another credit card or debit and was denied. I was told I would have to pay at the store or purchase an international money order. I was told that it was now 50 dollars because of the late fee. By the time I had purchased the money order, I was told another late fee of 5 dollars had been added. Now, I owed 55 dollars.

So, I put the money order and a 5 dollar American bill in the envelope and mailed it in. I was not going to purchase another money order as they are 3 dollars each. The store had no problem getting the unusual payment BUT they told me I was late again and now owed another 52 dollars in late fees!!!!!!!!

What the hell??? I have talked to the Kohl’s billing department and they tell me I still 52 dollars even though I paid 55 dollars on a 40 dollar purchase!!! All told, my 40 dollar purchase was to be 107 dollars!!! Are you kidding me?? This all took place in the span of 4 months!!

My wife got a toaster as a gift at Kohl’s Canada. When i plugged it in for the first time,it popped and a small flame shot out of one of the toaster slots.We returned it and the returns dept had us get another one off the shelf of the same brand. We plugged it in to see if it was going to work.

The one toasterslotn wont stay down plus the power light dont stay on. At this point im getting mote disgusted with the garbage this country imports from china.The inspection sticker is on this appliance indicating it passed inspection.

Obviously the inspector was taking a nap that day.I think kohls should give away a fire extinguisher for every food network toaster they sell. I would appreciate a response to this e mail. 107 dollars for a 40 dollar purchase!! Me nor my friends will ever shop at Khols again and I will BE warning all Canadians….


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5 Customer Complaints about “All Canadians Beware of Kohl’s in Canada
  1. Jason says:

    I have had the EXACT same experience with kohls. They have been kind enough to waive the Late fees once. However, the interest on the late fees were not waived, thus the check that was sent was not enough, thus more late fees. Today on the phone, I was quite upset, and demanded to know, what the total is going to be AFTER the late fees and interest are applied, as with 10 days till late, it is likely to be late again.

    I was told they will not be able to tell me in advanmce the value of the late fees, and interest on this month, so I can pre-emptivly pay them. At least since I am down to just the interest, there are no late fees on amounts owing under 15$, so this month I have a bank draft of 4.48 cents to mail away, and next month, whatever the interest is on that. The problem is, That the Invoice is mailed 15 days before it is due, takes 3-5 days to get here, and 3-5 days to get back, + processing, and in this instance, it is Dec. 30, nothing will be sent untill the 3rd.

  2. BHL says:

    Actually, Kohl’s DOES inform you of the payment options when you sign up and “CASH, CHECK, MONEY ORDER” is detailed. VISA, MASTERCARD, ETC is NOT. The form you signed when you applied details it properly. If you are from a foreign country, it would be logical to ask about restrictions of making payments, especially given foreign banking and exchage rates. It’s not Kohl’s responsibility how you, as a foreigner, need to overcome those cross-border concerns.

    I have had a Kohl’s credit card for 3 years and have had ZERO problems because I knew the terms when I signed up… and I didn’t assume anything. In fact, the questions I had about payment options from Canada were answered very plainly and clearly by the customer service agent in the store at the time I applied. I’ve never paid any interest or late fees.

    I use my Kohl’s card regularly to take advantage of the additional discounts exclusive to Kohl’s charge transactions. And then, turn around right after my purchase, pay the amount charged with cash to the exact same cashier. Simple, easy, effective, and I never have to worry about paying the amount after the fact.

    On one odd occassion where I couldnt do this, on my return to Canada I went straight to the bank and got a US money order for the amount I charged and mailed it promptly. The statement was weeks away from being mailed, but I was aware of how much I charged (not sure who wouldnt be) and the payment was applied to my account in about a week or so.

    Did I have to pay a bit for the money order? yes… but that’s not Kohl’s fault (nor their problem). Did I have to pay additional postage for mail to the USA? Yes… but again, that’s not Kohl’s fault nor problem. It shouldnt be part of the equation.

    Also, don’t blame the mail system for delays — either incoming mail as you wait for your statement, or outgoing with your payment. For one, you can check your balance ANYTIME online and you can do it promptly enough to issue payment in ample time to arrive at Kohl’s to avoid any interest or service charges. You know there are delays in cross-border mail, adjust to accomodate.

    Kohl’s is not behaving unexpectedly, and any credit company, in either country, would handle late payments in the same way. You are responsible for your own bills. The fact is that YOU are operating a credit card issued in a foreign country and YOU have to adjust to take your responsibility of paying it properly and on time.

  3. Canadian Guy says:

    I kind of agree with parts from the original post and the two comments by Jason and BHL. However, I know all the bills I have to pay, are not considered late if the letter is post marked before the bill is due. I actually asked my Credit Card Company about it, they said its a law they have to follow. So for Kohl’s, if your bill is due the 31st, the envelope was sent out on the 22nd, but didn’t arrive until the 1st-3rd of the next month, they should not mark that as late, but they don’t have that law in the US (or the State you went shopping) apparently. That being said, you should have read the contract you signed, it would have told you all that. Some contracts that US companies make are so bogus, that nobody should sign, thats why you read the contract, if its good you sign, if its bad you say ‘No thank you’. Either way there is no surprises. I usually ask for copies of the contract that I sign.

  4. Kris says:

    I just have a quick response to the initial post. Did you really attempt to pay your credit card bill with another credit card?? Come on! You cant even do that in Canada, get with it, be responsible and send your money order as soon as u get your bill. That way you wont have late fees. Another trick, if you just write a cheque on your Canadian Bank account and put “US FUNDS” on your cheque beside the amount, your bank will take it out in US funds. This being said,I do agree that KOHLS has to come up with some form of online payment plan for Canadians. The number of Canadian customers they have should warrant this process.

  5. Russell says:

    I totally agree with BHL. As soon as I charge something I pay it off. There should be no excuses for anyone to pay late fees or interest. Well that is for most of us. There are those out there that like to charge and then wait to receive a bill before paying it. Remember Kohl’s is a US company they do not technically operate in Canada therefore they do not have to comply with Canadian law. By allowing Canadians to apply is a privlidge and with said privelidges comes responsibilities. Just pay the bill right when you charge and there will never be an issue. ‘Nuff said

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