KFC Complaint: bad service bad stuff at KFC

I visited the KFC 6625 victoria, montreal on thursday, I asked for 8 pieces of white meeat. I was told I can’t have it because KFC needed to keep some for other customers!!!! What kind of policy is this! I’m paying for these items so I believe I can ask which part of the chicken I want!

I was told by tow girls from stuff .theirs name is Roubee n Laura I can have only 2 white then she went to ask her manager and she said I could have 3 white out of the 8!!!!KFC, you might need to get your staff to review their CUSTOMER Service responses!

Because telling the customer in front of you that you can’t offer them something because you have to keep it for other customers!!! Seriously!!! neither they dnt no how to talk with costumers , what’s with the whatever you say attitude!!!

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2 Customer Complaints about “KFC Complaint: bad service bad stuff at KFC
  1. Kayla says:

    Hello there, my name is Kayla Holly and I wanted to address this to you. There is an employee that works at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Johnson City, Tennessee (the one on North Roan Street), that has posted several pictures of her in her work uniform and with her drive-thru headset on, sticking her tongue, foreign objects, her hands into the mashed potatoes that shes serves people. I am a former employee who worked there a few months ago and witnessed the things that happened in this restaurant. I witnessed people picking up chicken off of the floor, out of the trash cans, and that has been sitting there for HOURS and serving it to people through the window there. Here is proof of the pictures, and here is the link you can view for further viewing: https://www.facebook.com/olivia.thomas.353250?fref=ts her name is Olivia Thomas. An eighteen year old girl who attends Science Hill High School and has been working there at KFC (even after NUMEROUS complaints of her cleanliness, attitude, and over persona). I believe this would make a wonderful story, following up one from awhile back about fast food restaurants. If you would like to know anymore about Kentucky Fried Chicken on North Roan, I can list several more people who will testify all of these actions. Thank you for your time.

  2. Salman Ahmed Salar says:

    KFC Jeddah Saudi Arabia Home delivery service really very bad no response from saudi driver or operator even from store manger they are just making miss call even not picking up while we call back him. i call one of saudi driver his name waleed but he was not answering/not picking the phone. his number is 0540036099. also he do not know how to speek with the customer, really very bad attitude.i belie this is the reason KFC is not famous in jeddah and not make good business as other country. its alarming situation. although product is good but customer service is a main criteria in any business.

    I believe in saudi arabia franchisee destroying the name of KFC cause of bad customer service. you should do some corrective action other wise ????

    note i received my order after 1:30 hrs.

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