Jcpenny Online Order Problems with Website

On Tuesday Sept 27th I placed an jcpenny order (#2011270581551407) and the call service I received was very willing to go well beyond their fundamental call service. Unfortunately I did not get their names but it was approximately 8:30pm Eastern time zone. The first jcpenny person I spoke to stated she would have to have manager call me back…bottom line they were open to helping the customer.

Basic issue was that I wanted a 5piece outdoor furniture set that was at a discounted jcpenny price online it stated it was unavailable but all the individual pieces were available but cost more than the complete set price but after working approximately 1 hour cause that was when I got the return call from the manager they were able to get the set at the cheaper price. They tried-that is the bottom line. After researching I found that local stores had the chairs at even a cheaper price I decided to cancel the order for the tacle set pieces.

But I had also ordered a cover for this set which jcpenny online stated was no longer available but keep in mind it was available the night prior when the order was placed. Nancy and Barb (Barbara) out of Pittsburgh, PA. Stated their was nothing they could do for me to get this cover other they watching the website to see if I could catch when it is put back as available-who has that kind of time.

Bottom line is that they were not open to even trying and now I can not get that cover so I know it may not be much but this is a lost sale and keep in mind that if the topic of jcpenny comes up in conversation with friends and co-workers this lack of a sense to try and help the customer can be discussed. I just hate that I am out of a product that I had less than 24hours ago that I really wanted. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

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One Customer Complaint about “Jcpenny Online Order Problems with Website
  1. Geraldine Belanger says:

    I have been a customer of Penny’s for many years, and have never had a complaint. I still don’t have a complaint about your products. The complaint is about your “SCREAMING” commercial. It has played about five times this morning, and I swear if I hear it again, I will never purchase another item from Penny’s. It is loud and offensive. Since I have never complained about any commercial before, I find it hard to believe that I am the only one that hates this commercial. There must be a better way to advertise. Thank you …. G. Belanger

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