JCPenney Optical Eye Exam Problems

I went to JCPenney Optical for an eye exam. When I asked for my PD measurements (pupillary distance), they claimed it was information that they don’t give to their clients. The reason? They would rather you spend over inflated money on their glasses and frames rather then go online to get glasses at a much much more reasonable price. From the moment that JCPenney realized that I was going to get my glasses on line rather then purchase a pair of their over priced glasses, they treated me like a smelly bum who just walked in off the street.

If you want your PD, I suggest going to WalMart Optical where they will have no problem giving you your PD, with a dis-claimer that they are not responsible if you decide to order glasses on line. In fact I found their prices and service much more reasonable and friendly. You may decide to order an extra pair or two from WalMart who’s prices are slightly more then online.

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2 Customer Complaints about “JCPenney Optical Eye Exam Problems
  1. Noreen Roth says:

    This complaint isn’t about a store, but about your absurd and horrendous t.v. commercial with people screaming. Who in the heck thought this was a good idea??! It’s horrible! We have to mute it or change the station, and other people I’ve talked to about it do the same. Did they ever consider what’s it’s like being with an elderly person who has the volume up on the t.v. and this commercial comes on? This commercial is not going to help boost cliental. I hope they consider removing it from the airways very soon because NOBODY likes it! Thank you.

  2. Linda Nelson says:

    I purchaced 2 sets of 100% polyester sheets from Pennys as gifts. They could not use them because they were huge on their beds. I tried them on my bed as it is a new matress, and it was too big on mine! The material is wonderful but they are usless ot me. Now I have 2 sets of sheets I can’t use and 2 friends that have no gift! They are Living Quarters Sheets. Thank you.

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