Jcpenney Complaint: JCP Christmas Button Campaign Rewards

I won two ten dollar Jcpenney certificates one e-mail came to me on Dec 08, 2012 at 9:57 am and on at 8:10 am both showing my wins for the $10 certificates and had a “click here to claim what you’ve won” in red area… I tried unsuccessfully to “click” my 48 hours are up, It will not allow me to get my certificates… Please assist me in claiming my winnings.

I have entered several buttons and have yet to pass the captcha or receive the bar code gift certification sent to my email to redeem my Jcpenney winnings. It’s now been over 48 hours now the game has become ridiculous and very frustrating and unfair.

How can I claim the buttons or work on my holiday rewards without these problems continuing to happen for me? Is this a scam or does JCP really want to help?

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13 Customer Complaints about “Jcpenney Complaint: JCP Christmas Button Campaign Rewards
  1. Mindy Peterson says:

    I won on one of the Christmas buttons, and print out the paper, went to go use it and it didn’t have a bar code on it, so the manager @ JCP told me to send a email to you. I called customer care and got the email address. It was for twenty five dollars.

    When I enter in my button codes, it keeps telling me wrong 7 digit code, I dont know what the problem is, Im typing in the correct codes and the correct captcha letters, and it will not let me enter.

    As if I ever expected to win something anyway! At least it would be nice to put in code without having to use foreign language signs in their ridiculous, unreadable Captcha codes and then have the comment come across that the code had already been used. Thanks for nothing.

    If you think this improves your image with the shopping public, think again! Penny’s wasn’t high on my shopping list before this fiasco and has dropped lower due to frustration from something that should have been a fun entry, whether I won or not. And now I get to enter another code to have my complaint registered.

    I won a $25 e gift card. When i try to enter the code it will not take the whole number so it comes up as invalid. Now I’m running out of time to order before Christmas. Very disappointing promotion.

    My sister and I both received 4 buttons each and only one out of 8 worked. I am very upset because this not the first time the buttons didn’t work. What is up with this will we be able to get more?

    Hmmm….wonder if the complaint will ever register with anyone?

    • Kyle says:

      If you get a gift certificate of $25 or more you copy it and take it in to the store, u can’t use it online and u don’t enter anything on those

  2. Thayman Ray Sanford says:

    I have entered two buttons this morning 12-14-12 and they went success. Waiting for e-mail response if the buttons are winner or not. I called JCP costumer service and advice me to this website info@jcp to get this taken care of. Please assist me in claiming my winning. This is the second time that I have not received a e-mail with my winning the first time it said I won five dollar but did not recieve the certificate.

  3. Judy Huggins says:

    I have four Christmas buttons from JCP, but everytime I go to the website to enter the numbers, I am unable to enter anything on the screen. Where there should an area to enter the numbers, there is a “thin red line” and nothing can be entered. I was excited to get the buttons, but very frustrated that I can’t find out if I am a winner.

  4. Andrea Oshea says:

    I cannot find the winners page and none of my buttons work. What is going on?

  5. Chrissy Jamie says:

    The Button Contest started out great! Have spent a great deal of money there this year because of this contest. Then I started to notice employees looking closely at the button codes they were pulling out…selecting for me. Then some would only hand me one…saying that they were running short when the person at the next counter was handing out the usual two.

    Now the buttons I receive have codes that have been used! when I called the Home Store I had received them at I was told ..” there was a mistake and a whole box of used ones got mixed in with new” and I should drive 10 miles back to exchange them.

    The sales associates are dishonest thieves but JC Penny is responsible. They should have seen this coming. Sadly, I will be finding a new place to shop and getting rid of their high interest credit card. I hope they clean house after this.

  6. b day says:

    I too have been getting buttons that say sorry but this code has already been used. And I live in ca.

  7. shadonna says:

    I submitted my button this morning but I haven’t received confirming that my input was submitted. What needs to be done about this.

  8. Darlene says:

    I too am very frustrated with the Christmas Button game. I also won. Won What? I had to call the Store and ask what do I need to do next. I went into the Web site as I was told, no luck of finding out anything yet. Just more added stress here at Christmas time. I guess I have to call the again and wait on the phone for someone to assist me.

  9. teri puntillo says:

    I recieved an email that I have won a $10.00 gift certificate. There was no bar code on the form, soI’m unable to claim my prize. Please help me with this problem. Thank you.

  10. sue odor says:

    I also have attempted to use one of the codes only to be told that it has already been used.What’s up JCP???

  11. sue odor says:

    I have already tried 3 times to check codes on the buttons I received at the montgomery mall,only to bo told that the codes were already used.

  12. elmer smith says:

    my codes worked won ten dollars never received it very poor image for a company not doing well any way

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