Complaint: What is the Christmas Button Promotion?

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I find your JCP little button big gifts promotion very difficult. I cannot interpret the two words to be typed as shown.

I do not know if my interpretation of these two words is correct. What if I did not type the words correctly, is my button voided? Does this mean…I’m 64 years old and might have won a great gift, however, I don’t type one or both the words correctly…SO I WIN NOTHING!

I have nine buttons from my shopping trip this past weekend. I have entered two buttons and I am worried I didn’t type the words correctly. Can I bring my buttons to my Brighton, Michigan store and have someone enter them for me? These are the Christmas buttons I am talking about, this girl has a t-shirt filled with them already.

What do you suggest? I can’t find anyone to help me, and the email address I contact won’t help either ( Please I don’t want anymore buttons, I just want to know if the nine buttons I have are winners.

The Christmas shopping buttons are incredibly confusing to know exactly what’s going on.

Thank you

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44 Customer Complaints about “ Complaint: What is the Christmas Button Promotion?
  1. Nick says:

    I was advised that I won $10 off coupon with this button and cannot retrieve it. Could not decipher the words on the page and need to know have I not?

  2. dolores says:

    i tried several times to put the code in on the buttons and was told it was an invalid capita. followed all the instruction even trying to read those words to put in. i hit the submit and it kept coming back invalid capita. guess it is another rip off scam so people will go buy merchandise and think they will get buttons that just might win something. i am 64 so i used a maginifing glass along with my glasses to get the words right just another gimmick. yes i am a real person not some robot.

  3. Ann says:

    The words you’re having trouble deciphering are called a CAPTCHA. It’s a test to discourage people from trying to cheat with automated entry/spam programs.

    If you get a test that’s too hard for you to figure out, press the little Refresh button (two arrows making a circle) built into the CAPTCHA box, and it will give you a different test. You can press do that as many times as necessary until you get one you can figure out. Once you click Submit, if you got the test wrong, it will not accept your submission and it will tell you that you got the test wrong. You then try again on a different test. You can try again as many times as necessary until you get a test right. Your button code submission has not been accepted until it is accompanied by a correct CAPTCHA test.

    The same advice applies to trying to submit your claim form after you win something.

    CAPTCHA tests like this have been used for years on thousands of websites all over the Internet, and this is how they work everywhere.

  4. Rita Miller says:

    Can’t submit. Says I’m putting in the wrong word

  5. Sue Hughes says:

    Entered my buttons and was told I was a winner . When I fill out the form to claim my prize I keep getting the INVALID CAPTCHA notice back . Very frustrating . Tried several times . Had all of the information filled in .. HELP

  6. Ivonne says:

    I have a question is it true that associates that work there and or their family cant use the buttons? If so my half sister works there at jcp and I don’t think its fair that I cant use the buttons.

  7. Kevin says:

    i would like to know if someone can email me a $25.00 gift i lost on my email address …i have the button i won from the winning code . i just dont have it with me at the moment but i can send the code to you in another email please let me know if i can still get my free $25.00 gift card through my email again after i email you the code from the winning button..i tried to get it online again but it said sorry not a winner. which it was when i first added code. thank you

  8. Jessica says:

    On Black Friday I received a button. When I got home I entered the button. To my delight I won a $10 holiday certificate. I filled out everything and it said it would be emailed to me within 48 hours. It is now Dec 6th and I have YET to get it and yes I have check my spam/junk folder. I have emailed customer support 6 TIMES and also sent a msg on facebook and I still have not heard from JCP on this matter. Why have a promotion when you do not get what you win? Sounds like fraud to me. I AM EXTREMELY UPSET as to why not a single JCP support person has gotten back to me. Will not be going there again anytime soon.

    • Clerkoftheyear says:

      Jess, Jess….you’re working way too hard for ten dollars. Give it up. You’ve wasted enough time already.

    • Kat says:

      Hopefully, they won`t report that $10 to IRS as your income, as they do with higher amounts. I got an email saying I must report a bogus amount (I ahve never received that much from JCPenney!) to IRS. Meanwhile, they report those winnings as a loss for the company/marketing expense. JCP goes down! Crocks!

  9. Dorothy says:

    will you please tell me what I have won?

    • Clerkoftheyear says:

      Dorothy, sit down.

      You’ve won nothing. Zip. Zero.

      Sorry. I know life will never be the same for you broads but try to reach down inside yourselves and find the courage and the strength to carry on you life if only for the children. The need you Dorothy.

  10. Pat Edwards says:

    I am 76 and not computer literate; however, I have had no trouble entering the buttons I received. I did get the Invalid Captcha once and it was because the code on the back of the button had only 6 digits instead of 7 – I assume that is an invalid button. Once I evidently did not put the right letters in the code and it just gave me another code to put in that I could read. I find this promotion fun and easy – I particularly like the art work on the buttons.

  11. Wanda says:

    can*t submit: says i am petting in the wrong word or the invalid captcha

  12. Linda says:

    I submitted 2 buttons and NEVER received a reply. Still waiting. Thanks!

  13. Terri says:

    We’ve been shopping at JC Penny’s Pretty frequently and have accumulated many buttons. In 6 trips we’ve won 6 different gift cards. It may take a while to get the confirmation code or the certificate, but they eventually come through. We’ve had absolutely no problems at all! I wish other stores would do the buttons promotion!

  14. Angela says:

    I love this promotion! Even if you don’t win a prize you have a cute button to keep. Not to mention it’s been fun trying to collect all of the different ones. For the people who are complaining about entering the security words, if you can’t see the words clearly enough there is a button on the top right to get another set of words. You can hit it until you get words that are clear enough for you. If you don’t enter them correctly your code is not voided because it won’t let you enter the code without correctly entering the security words first. I have had no problems entering any of my codes or retrieving any of my emails. Thanks JCPenney’s.

  15. Sylvia Hill says:

    The process of just trying to find out if you even received one of these prizes is ridiculous! Just give us a Yes or No. I still love JC Pennys but this crazy promotion got on my last nerve!

  16. Darcy Edgar says:

    Dear JC Penny’s & employees, I just wanted to say Thank you for having your button promo, I have received several $5 , $10 wins this meant the difference in gifts for our Grandkids & nieces or not. It’s been a rough yr as I am disabled trying to get on SSD w/o much luck & my husband works hard to pay the bills. Just wanted you to know how much this meant to me & my family…. Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to all of you… Sincerely Mrs Darcy Edgar

  17. linda kipler says:

    it is very hard to read the codes on the buttons needed a different way of doing this

  18. Bob says:

    The Christmas button promotion is a dud for us old folks . I spent most of an hour trying to figure out the security words and gave up . this is a flop as for as I am concerned

  19. Dee says:

    I love this promo too! But check your spam email sometimes mine are sent there. Also I have had a few that just don’t work.. it says invalid ect.. so I take them back to the store and they have given me more. So probably one out of every four I have will not work. But the ones that do work.. I usually win on! It’s a great promo and will keep me shopping at JcPenn this holiday season.

  20. Traci says:

    I have been playing the button game for a couple of weeks. My JCP is very close to my home. Have won several 5.00 and 10.00 certificates. Have redeemed them for clothing and household items. Most things were free or darn near free. This allowed me to purchase other things because they expanded my budget. Example: 9 and 10 inch anodized skillets/pans. On clearance for 11.00 and 9.00 = 20.00. Used two 10.00 certificates so they were free. Sorry to those who are having problems redeeming. Can tell by your responses that some of you are doing something wrong. Wish I could help, because it does work.

  21. Bonnie says:

    I went shopping with my mom and sister and bragged the whoe time about the button and that my friend got some awesome button coupons. Then when we went to enter our buttons non of them were working. Out of six buttons I could only get one code to work. This was nothing to brag about. JCPennys… If your going to run a program like this you would think you would get the kinks out first. You dont even have a phone number on the site where someone can help. And by the looks of things and bad repor that I am reading in the web, it looks like Im not the only person having the problem.

  22. PEG says:

    I’m 45 yrs old…College educated ,and his Button system SUCKS!!

    The writing on the buttons NEEDS to be LARGER, I Can read the CHINA so much easier then the letters and numbers!

    Also the Cryptic letters are so hard to make out, especially when their are 2 of them….most of them are!

    SO if you put in the wrong spelling words and push SUBMIT, and your words are wrong, your Screwed!! You lost automatically……

    WE are loyal customers and our well founded complaints need to be addressed not like most business’ who sweep the complaints are done…..

    Their Motto is Fair and Square, I wonder….PEG C….

    • Clerkoftheyear says:

      I’m 37 years old and I cannot believe a bunch of people would even care let alone sit around on the computer griping about a bunch of buttons and coupons!!!! Amazing.

      Pray. Get a job. Do volunteer work. Join the military. Talk to your kids. Find something else to do.

      Merry Christmas — the reason for the season is the birth of the Christ child — not money, not freebies or coupons, not greed.

  23. janie campbell says:

    I don’t understand, why isn’t there an explaination of game clearly printed on reciepts or explained by store sales persons. This isn’t helping the mess the company is in. I like shopping at JCP but don’t make this so hard if you are serious about a contest.

  24. j taylor says:

    I have been trying to imput codes for over an hour and can not find the appropriate website for the button codes. This is really ridiculous and time consuming. I think JCP should go back to the old way of promotions, with sales and coupons. The buttons are cute, but not effective at least for me.

  25. Elaine says:

    These buttons are a great promotional idea and encourages shoppers to visit stores. My sense, however, is that each e-mail address is only allowed a certain number of winning buttons . I was doing well for a while but my luck appears to have run out and I am suspicious.

  26. Annette Barton says:

    I had 9 buttons and on not one did I receive and e-mail on the entry. The first 4 times I just threw them away and thought oh you only get an e-mail if you win. And when I went back I talked to the lady at the reg. She said oh no you should get an email with each entry and I tired it again. Nothing. And I know my e-mail so that inst the problem. Needless to say I was very upset how this program worked and I see that many others are as well. Poor choice of ways to do a promotion. I went to your store and shopped just so I could do this button thing. Extremely unhappy.

  27. Nancy says:

    Hey I admit that the codes are very small and hard to read plus the words also BUT if you put in the code wrong it will let you know same as the works . You do not lose anything and can try as often as you need to . I think it was a great idea and as someone said the buttons are so cute . Will not throw them away but use them each Christmas on a shirt etc. they are as cute as a bugs ear . Thank you JCP. Hope that this has helped your sales and you will be around a long time.

  28. abhi says:

    I have saved up my JCP buttons, for going in store the last 3 times. I got 7 total. So far I’ve entered 6 total. They worked fine. But today I went to enter my last one, but got a message saying I had already used that code. But I haven’t touched it. I purposely saved it for last because the picture on the front was my favorite. The code was kjwheq3 . Please reply and tell me if I am a winner. I was very disappointed. I’ve heard about a lot of people having issues. I hope you fix this problem soon. Thank you for you time.

  29. debbie says:

    This promotion sucks

  30. Pat says:

    I had a great time with the button contest. It’s true that people needed to be computer literate to play the game and it seems the biggest problem people had was with the captcha and not realizing that if they couldn’t read the captcha in order to type it, they could select another one that they could read and type. Captchas have been used forever in these types of promotions. Thank you Penneys for this fun game although I am sorry that some people did have problems.

  31. Sharon says:

    I have several buttons left that I didn’t check. Is the promotion completely over? Can I even see if these were winning buttons?

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