Jcpenney Buttons Complaint: The Christmas Button Scam

The Friday after Thanksgiving I went shopping in your JCP store in Wilkesboro, NC. I recieved a button with a code on it. I was told to go online and enter the code to recieve my free gift. When I did that I entered the code on the button. The next page that showed up was showing a choice between 4 different items. I chose the necklace that was choice one. It said I had to pay for the shipping . Which was $5.99. I recieved the necklace in about a 10 days. After that I recieved another necklace in the mail in an envelope without a packing slip. I went to the mailbox and opened my credit card bill and noticed that this company BFB*MIU MILANO had charged my credit card $49.00 for another necklace the one I recieved without a packing slip and had not ordered. When I called the number 1-855-213-5985 they told me I was on autoship every 30 days they would be sending me a new necklace. And would continue to charge my credit card for the items that I was not ordering and did not want. They said I would have to send the company an email. when I tried to go to the website it did not have a web page, it just kept popping up that, this page was not a valid page. Then I kept seeing where numerous people had a complaint book going on this company. Due to the fact they were being charged on their credit cards as well and had not ordered any of the items. The cancellation number I was given in 1-333-143. I sent the company an email when I finally found on which was I have yet to hear back form them. Their address is 1200 S. Brand Blvd. Ste. 154 , Glendale , CA 91204. I in return notified the manager at our Wilkesboro, NC JCP store. She had informed that she had no idea this was going on. I gave her the information that my credit card company gave me. She went online and looked it up while she was on the phone with me. She was in shock, had no idea what had happened. She called me back later on that same afternoon and asked me to go to JCP complaints and to file my complaint on what had happened. I love shopping at JCP stores but I will now become more hesitant about your promotions due to this incident. Thank you for all your help.

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One Customer Complaint about “Jcpenney Buttons Complaint: The Christmas Button Scam
  1. Teresa Bolton says:

    Iwas very disapp0inted in your christmas buttions promotion, every time i tried to enter my code of my buttions, itwould tell me that, the code i entered had already been intered, or a invalid code number,I expected better of jc pennys promotion since i had shopped, and spent over 500.00for christmas grifts, this will make regroup, and think twice thenext time, and shop else where, that dont tell you a lie for your bisness, I may consider cutting up my pennies card. Iwouldhave thought better of pennies, to pull a scam like that,shame on you. I trusted you to do what you said with the promotion, and you lied, then did not try to make it right, just as you exspect me not only to make my payment, but make it on time every month

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