Jcpenney Christmas Review of Buttons Program

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to you in regards to your Christmas buttons program. I purchased several items at your Jcp store in Montclair Mall California. I received 2 buttons per purchase and read the instructions on this program and when I proceeded to enter two buttons a day thru my email address 3 of the buttons said that those buttons had been used already????

How can that be?? if I had just started on this how could I have already used those 7 digits already??? So I shopped in the Jcp store in VictorVille California yesterday and asked the cashier at Jcp if those Christmas buttons have duplicate 7 digits on them? that how could it say those digits were used when I just started? The cashier told me NO there are no duplicate digits on the buttons..they should all have different 7 digits.

So my thought is that some of the associates at Jcp must be writing down these 7 digits and having people use them since on the rules no where does it say you must save button and present it to get your prize.. When I shopped at your store in VictorVille yesterday which is 30 miles from where I live and they said they were all out of buttons?? when they get more I can come back??? My sister who received buttons from Jcp said she had the same problem with the buttons she received from the Montclair store, when she tried to use the buttons the message she got was the same, those 7 digits were already used…

This is not good. I honestly think in the rules of this game that you should have said that each button that wins something must be presented at a store to receive the prize so this way there would not be no dishonest associates taking advantage of this program.

I feel that it was wrong what has happened and I am not pleased with this and it makes me think bad of the “NEW” Jcp image…

I have to say with all the commercials going on talking up this Christmas buttons program and Jcp’s new look and pricing I am greatly disappointed with all of it. I think it is a bad way to start out your new Company Image. I am a store Manager in a Major Grocery store chain and I am aware of how one upset customer tells 10 more people and so on..

I think you really need to look into the associates at your Montclair Mall store, you just might find out that there are several customers from that store that are disappointed in this Christmas buttons program because of these buttons being used prior to them receiving the buttons.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this problem,
Thank you.
Dorothy Giacomino
(702) 338-2910
A regular shopper at Jcp

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2 Customer Complaints about “Jcpenney Christmas Review of Buttons Program
  1. vicki nathe says:

    I got two bottons today at jcp and came home went to the website punched the numbers in they said it was already used!that was my first one. Then put in the next one and that one was used too!what”s up with that…That’s not very nice!Very sad , thats not a fun game,sham on you for lying to us the people that keep you in business.

  2. vicki nathe says:

    I’m very sad that about the buttons.They don’t work they were used already. That’s lying to the people that keeps you in business!! Sham on you.

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