JCP Christmas button codes already entered online

Twice now I have gotten new buttons from my local JCP store and have entered them and a message comes up saying these codes were already entered, but they were brand new buttons.

I returned them to my local store. The first time it was four buttons and the cashier took them, threw them away and gave me 4 new ones. Of those 4 new ones, 3 of them also said that they were already entered.

At that time they were all out of buttons and do not plan on getting any more. I would like to at least get new codes for these buttons that I have in my possession right now to see if I have been a winner or not. The codes are 3wbxqzs, kwjhwnn, 45rmaca.

Last week I entered the code off of one of my buttons and was told that it was a $10.00 winner ant that I would receive a coupon in the mail. Here is it a week later and I never received anything. I called JCPenney and they gave me a web site to go to but it doesn’t work.

I have still not received my coupon and when I called the store where I received the buttons in the first place they told me I could come back and they would give me more buttons but that is a 30 mile drive one way for me. I have been a loyal customer at JCPenney for years but right now I am very dissatisfied with them.

Please respond before the deadline of the contest.

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2 Customer Complaints about “JCP Christmas button codes already entered online
  1. marc says:

    I received 4 bottom and only 1 button went back to my email the other wrong code and used already, Not good program very sad about this

  2. Robert Strawser says:

    What a great contest, JCP should not loose any money on this game. you try following your direction. The button game is so well hid that the average person can not find it anywhere. If you want to do a promotion do it in your stores and let the person know on the spot if they are a winner.

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