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How dare JC Penny even request a consumer report on me as to my character, its bad enough that to obtain a job these days you must submitt to a drug test , polygragh test, employment verification, references, and now a consumer report. I can sit my behind on state assistance with food stamps and let people like myself drain the system squeezing out one kid after another while they sell their foodstamps , take in boarders for unclaimed cash and smoke meth or crack all day , but know I am trying to get a second part time job and you want to trace me back to the womb?

Here some facts for you I never call in I am always early to work, dressed accordingly for my job the United States has almost put me in the street while your FAT CAT CEO is cleaning up on my back. All I want is a job to keep my house, if companies like you paid what some of us are worth we wouldnt have consumer issues, and wouldnt be looking for part time jobs to hang on to our houses. Your consumer report wont tell you Ive been in customer service for 25 years that Ive received awards and letters as to how good I am, its not going to tell you that Im to proud to borrow money to keep my head afloat and that I chose to look for a part time job its not going to tell you.

Ive been out of work for almost a year and just now getting back on my feet at a minium wage job, it wont tell you during that year i lived in the street. FOR SHAME ON YOU JC PENNY, I WAS LOOKING FOR A JOB , NOT JUDGEMENT.

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