JCPenney Button Codes Not working

I picked out 2 Jcpenney buttons and put in the codes . It come up incorrect code, Invalid Captcha. I do not have vision issues. When that comes up does it mean I do not get anything? I do not want to waste my time inserting the code . This is more if a hassle.

I do not always get my prize I am waiting for three tens and two five dollar winners. No one from Jcpenney answers my e-mails from I just won an Dec. 11 and have had no communication. I won in late Nov and early Dec. I would like to claim these prizes.

I played the JCPenney’s Christmas button and a winner but the next day they had disappeared from my email account and they are not in my trash help me not sure what happen, is the best address for complaints?

My family have received three Jcpenney button codes so far that have said they were already used.

  1. 3vyxkfy
  2. Dcqfwtj
  3. Jxppwzb

Can these be replaced? Also in your Shoppingtown mall location most of your employees are very professional and pleasant. However, so far twice on two different days an older women and a young girl were very rude when I asked for the Jcpenney Christmas buttons.

I had 2 winning Christmas certificates dated 12-13-12, for $5 & $10. I have been trying for two days and cannot print them out, no email reply from address at corporate.

I also had a $10 one prior to that. Not sure if that date was the 11 or 12th because it has dropped off. I think the #’s on button codes on the 13th were u3x2xhy & uvcmgrf.

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75 Customer Complaints about “ JCPenney Button Codes Not working
  1. Cathy Ruis says:

    For the past 2 weeks I’ve been unable to enter any codes. The message says error in code please try again.

  2. Phyllis Strad says:

    I submitted 2 button codes and was told I would get an email. But no emails came. the codes are : mrrxdkr and 5qwmbaq.

  3. Patricia Lane says:

    I have twenty buttons or more, I’m a little frustrated trying to get them entered. I called my local store they gave me this e-mail address, I’ve been shopping hoping I would win, I did get two through and recieve one gift so far, I’m waiting to see what comes through in 48 hours. I’M LOOKING AT ALL THESE BUTTONS AND COULD BE A WINNER AGAIN NUMEROUS TIMES AND THEY WON’T EVEN GO THROUGH. IT WOULD BE NICE TO GET SOME CERTIFICATES JUST FOR THE SHOPPING AND ALL THE EFFORT OF TRYING TO GET THESE BUTTONS THROUGH!

  4. beth says:

    On dec 14, 2012 i got a button and won a five$5.00 gift card and it would not let me enter my information to claim my prize so at this time i do need someones help with this matter so that i can get my gift card in a timely manner.

  5. Donald Dougherty says:

    I have two buttons not working

  6. Mchael says:

    I have collected a lot of buttons and when I entered the codes I have ended up with 29 that stated, code already used. I went to JCPenney & asked a manager if they would replace them as it’s a time consuming pain to eneter codes to find out they have already been used.By whom? Employees?However, they should replace them so I can have the chance I thought I was getting. They can check against email address and see I didnt use them and I had One with no code at all. So, JCPenney you owe me 30 buttons so far. I have them and you can check them.

  7. Sharon Clark says:

    I have good eyesight and still had to go buy a magnifying glass to read the code. I have entered six different buttons and each time it said I should get an e-mail and I have not received one as of yet. I have six buttons left to enter, but seems useless to me. Also those extra little words we are suppose to do so you know we are a person (dah) are so unreadable it is pathetic.

    If you truly want your customers to participate it seem you would make it a little easier. One customer said it is just a come on. I hate to admit it, but I am starting to believe that could be true.

  8. Dorothy Masteller says:

    First off….my first 2 codes went in…no winner. Since then I have been trying for the past week and a half to put in 6 additional buttons and all I get is Sorry, looks like something went wrong. Check your 7-digit code and try again or Captcha invalid. Nothing works and I know I’ve put in the corrent codes and Captcha words.. Is this just scam? What do we do to receive a certificate, etc.

  9. sharontreder says:

    I won two certificates on sunday december 16 .I received a reply for the 5.00 certificate ,but I didn’t received a reply for the 10.00 one. I printed out the congratulations,but I have got no reply on it. this is the first trouble i have had with this contest.

  10. marie carrolyne t. reyes says:

    i have won $10.00 from the christmas buttons but when after i claimed it last sunday,untill now i haven’t received the email to print my is now wednesday and so far there is no certificate to print.

  11. lynn wilt says:

    I am still waiting for the bar code for the $10 winner button. On Dec. 13 or 14 (not sure which), I entered 2 button codes, but the winner notice does not say which one won. codes were: ucvuptb and hwsp2fe. I have added jcp to my address book. Is this just a come-on??

  12. Andriene says:

    JCP, you should ashamed of yourself! This whole contest is rigged!
    1) Takes a lot of time to enter the difficult-to-read codes
    2) The Captcha codes are extremely difficult – almost impossible to read – have to sometimes go through two to four times to get it correct
    3) I get the response that the button code has been used when in fact it has not!


  13. Dean Wilson says:

    Got a six digit code DYPG3M. How do I enter it into the computer?

  14. barb says:

    I had won fifty dollar watch, did not let me complete what needed to be complete,

  15. Homer M says:

    I won a $10 certificate on 12/17 and over 72 hrs. later I still have not received my certificate. I claimed it when I won and was told that I would receive it within 48 hrs. I still am waiting. Nobody ever responds to these e-mails.

    • Homer M says:

      I am writing again because I still have not received my $10 certificate that I won on 12/17. I still have never heard anything from JCP concerning this when I go on this website. It is a total waste of time. I won and I expect JCP to send me my certificate.

  16. elmer smith says:

    on december 16 i did 2 buttons one was verified as a 10 dollar winner at 12.23 pm i still had not received certiffacate by tuesday afternoon at 3 pm called was told to wait 48 hrs which i did told i would get a 10 dollar jcp reward it is now thursday morn have gotten nothing if this is the way jcp does bussiness and apparently it is from all the complaints i see you dont honor your customers i think i will stop shopping at jcp and everyone whos unhappy to do the same

  17. Mary Quinn says:

    Have can’t enter some of my buttons because of 6 # instead of 7

  18. Mary Quinn says:

    Have buttons with 6 digits (cjcpsm)

  19. Deborah Albee says:

    I have 4 buttons that are showing incorrect code when I try to enter them in the computer. I have entered buttons before with no issues, so I know what to do . It just isn’t working today.

  20. malissa billinger says:

    Went to my local jcp to redeem my button merchandise certificates. 2 worked fine. 3 said they had already been redeemed this is not true. Mc4494022220000182856790-mc4494022220000196307863-mc4494022220000240073479.These are the ones that would not work at jcp.I was out doing my Christmas shopping and this was a big disappointment.

  21. Heather says:

    I have 2 buttons that when entered in the JCP site, the response is to check the 7 digit code. What I have typed is correct, so something is wrong on the JCP side. Usually, I enjoy shopping with JCP and have never had poor dealings, but this is an exception and very disappointing at a time of the year when shopping is stressful.

  22. Lorraine Fisher says:

    I have a $10 reward and I cannot claim it. Please e-mail a certificate as the Penny’s store here knoes nothing about this.

  23. Lorraine Fisher says:

    My number given to me by a Penny’s employee over the phone is WV4NMMCQ9.

  24. Linda Knupp says:

    I just spent a small fortune at jcp (usually my favorite store) buying presents for my husband only to receive a button that keeps coming up that it has already been used!!!! I don’t mind not being a winner since in any contest not everyone can win something, but it’s pretty poor customer relations to make me feel like the contest has been rigged so I never had a chance!

  25. Donna Daniels says:

    I’ve had no trouble getting the certificate that I won. But I have 6 buttons; two have been used already and the other 4 won’t go through. I was told that would replace them. Also, my Mom won a prize that hasn’t been sent to her. Help! And Merry Christmas!

  26. Bonnie Byrd says:

    I entered my buttons and never got a response as to whether or not I won. Would some please notify me.

  27. shannon sack says:

    so far I have a total of 15 pins that have bad codes. How do we redeem them before the 31st.?

  28. brooke bland says:

    my codes prpd24w, azppe39, 9wpp3nr, sepsas9 the manager at jcp told me to put down my codes and i will receive good codes that work.

  29. Ron Jenkins says:

    I have submitted the code from a JCP Button & it was verified as a $10.00 winner. It stated within 48 hrs. I would receive an email for the $10.00 certificate, IT’S BEEN 96 HOURS, & NO EMAIL! MERRY CHRISTMAS

  30. Chrissy Jamie says:

    I have gone to jcp on numerous occasions obtaining my 2 pins (and buying presents); I have gone almost everyday as I am on a budjet and could use the certificates. I have numerous pins that say the code has already been used. Why I ask?

    If it was one or two or three times; I would say maybe someone used one and brought it back in with their certificate and an employee accidentaly put it in the box with all the other pins. but since you started handing out the pins, I have had at least 20 pins like this.

    I don’t know what to say or what I want from this complaint but I had just started to think that I would be going back to JCP after the “fixed price change” in marketing; but now, I am not sure and I am definitely not someone to ask my opinion of JCP. Thank you for listening.

  31. lucille carlini says:

    i won three buttons two5 and one 10 dollar certificate have not recieved any codes to claim my prize its been more than 48 hours and very disapointing.please send the codes so i may finish christmas shopping thank you a jcp customer

  32. leslie gandy says:

    I am a little frustrated with the buttons not working! Some of them are: jxdw42a, twd222r, ,, iwd22p1, t4dwzen, qft4nhc, e2dw49p w2

  33. Marie Nicolau says:

    My JCP button was a winner code ( at2ntda ) and I went to my e-mail as stated and would not let me print my prize!! what know?? Did I loose it ??

  34. terese dash says:

    on dec. 19th i opened my email and saw i have 48 hrs to claim my prize. this is fustrating since i check everday to see if my 10 dollar certificate is in my email box. all others have appeared before until now. looks like 12/19 had some problems on that day. can you please respond before 12/24, would sure like know why.

  35. marleen bachman says:

    my buttons will not work

  36. Mary Jenkins says:

    I entered a button and I won a $10.00 certifate on 12/17/12. I have not recevied my $10.00 certifate as of yet. will I receive it or not?

  37. lynda munger says:

    i had 2 buttons that said i won 10.00 cert.then when i went to fill out my name and address the screen said that button was not a already said i was a winner.also here is a button that said it was already interned i did not inter it but it said that.

  38. lynda munger says:

    i forgot to give u the code on the button that said it had already been interned here it is are the codes of the 2 buttons that said i was a winner and one all of a sudden said it was not.c4z3cj2 x5vjndc

  39. rettie cannon says:

    I have had several button that it says I have already put in my codes and I haven’t. I have a bag a keep the buttons in and after I write in the buttons I put them in the bag. Now the real problem would be me trying to figure out which one I used… Can you just maybe cleared my email so I can put in the last ones I have thats the only solution i can figure out to do. I know I have 4 codes I tried and it told me I have already enter for the day.Please help and Merry Christmas to Jcpennys…

  40. Linda Senn says:

    I cannot get the website/or even locate the site so I can enter my codes.

  41. lisa ramos says:

    do you guy reply back or send a email i shop at jcp all the time but y do you give button out if they dont work and 1 had 6 button that didnt work

  42. Ed Dillon says:

    I was told by JCP employee to enter my buttons bad code here. zs1929s

  43. Julie Barber says:

    the following code did nt work 34yghqw so how do i know if it was a winner also several buttons say that the code was already used.. Love the contest .

  44. Char Jordan says:

    This code was not accepted nusa3re please let me know if i won

  45. john marques says:

    after what i read all the names of the complaiments,i was dessapointed with jcpenney and the buttons bussines, i did received some coupons,but most of my response from (you are a winner) i never received any ,i still have on my email but since december 11 i never got anything.I do spend alot on christmas and the coupons do help, Is there anything i can do about it? Thank you .John Marques

  46. Carolyn Frazier says:

    I have a Christmas buttion that is only 6 digits that do not work (mud5h4) I have another button that indicated that it has already been input (msztrug). When I went to the Gainesville Mall today and reported this problem I was told that there was nothing they could do, and was told that I could only receive one button because they were nearly out. What is going on? I do not think this a good time for jokes! Please reply to this email. Thank you.

  47. elmer smith says:

    why cant i get an honest answer from you people at jcp instead of being lied to i won on abutton have never gotten it called 3 times was told i would get it so far a week has passed and zilch tired of jcps lies no wonder company is not doing good they try to screw what customers they do have

  48. big john says:

    i hope your stores close you dont treat the few customers you very well at all you try to drum up bussiness with this button crap and then dont come thru on your end so why should anyone even think of being loyal to you

  49. Ann Zieno says:

    I entered peuda34 for my button, and as I was keying in the letter code, the screen was blank. I tried putting in this code again, and the computer stated it had already been used. How are you suppose to fix this error. Also I received an E-Mail stating that I won and I accidentally deleted the E-Mail. Will I now lose the $5.

  50. Natasha Gunatilake says:

    I cannot access my old e-mail do to problems on also had entering problems through facebook . When i put the code, it just doesn’t except the button code. Sometime it tells me i put the code already even when i only put twice per day. I had a great difficulty with the jcp program for christmas. Can you check these button pin codes and tell me if any of these button pin’s have any winning one among these. 1.3y4c4hf , 2. g3khpu3, 3. gkgtfzc, 4.e5xehuz, 5. rscbkvp, 6. 5xtferb, 7. 5xbkvyt, 8, khnxctu, 9. 24b254v, 10. vt2kccp, 11. xwc3wtw, 12. 4pp5my5. Grace told that you can help me with this problems that i am having, thank you and merry christmas and happy new year to you sir or maddam.

  51. Natasha Gunatilake says:

    If any of those button codes turn up to be winner or winners, can you help me to comfirm the prize online?Thank you ones again…P.S. I am living in Pasadena, California.Please give me a respond..

  52. Tamara Lowery says:

    I have 6 buttons some say sorry something is wrong and some say already been used. If any of these are winners it would be nice to be able to claim my prize since I have shopped at your store alot this season. The codes are c34wqnz,sx1241n,de12s3e,hd12rq4,dvvq442,j2puqju. I hope to hear back. Thank you

  53. Diane Schwarzkopf says:

    This is the second time I am writing to complain. I never heard a thing back after I told you I had three buttons that said they were already used, also a certificate for $5.00 that the sales lady made me feel like I was cheating, saying that it was used before. How embarassing. Now I have one more button code – it is gexz22u that said it has been used before. What is going on. Is this a rip off or are the buttons for real? Diane

  54. Diane Schwarzkopf says:

    Please tell me these buttons are for real. Some work some don’t. Also some of the certificates don’t work and the salespeople make you feel like you are cheating. I send you a notice before that I had two buttons that said they were used before, now I have another one -gexz22u -that they say has been used. The worst part is the salespeople not believing you that you didn’t use the certificate or that the buttons were bad. Please reply.

  55. bob burtch says:

    I had 3 buttons that had already been used

  56. Rita Heisler says:

    The code will come up on several buttons saying it has been used. It is very hard to read some of the caps. to type in. The letters are so poorly printed you can’t figure out the letter. It takes the fun out of the contest. Doesn’t speak well about JCP.

  57. elmer smith says:

    what kind of bullshit is this i had a ten dollar winner never got it complained numerous times did i get my ten no you sent me two more codes instead one said already used one no winner this is a poor way to keep loyal customers you cop out and dont send my ten cert i hope someone turns you into better business b. jcp stinks no wonder you are lossing business

  58. Mish says:

    I received 10 Christmas buttons and NONE of them worked, they kept saying to check the 7 digit code??? What a let down.

  59. Michele Bollinger says:

    Everyday my sisters and brotherinlaws went to Pennys to get our buttons, catch the sales,use our certificates etcetera. It was a wonderful contest and it really helped me out a lot because this year I am unemployed. We loved the contest. I love JCP. The following buttons did not work. 2e1n931 , b2xanzu , b31nr4a , fa3brmv , q5smtv5, 9e1nzp2, j5rtz4m, aa1n3sp, c5gtcrc, 3p3hzct, aa1n4e9. Some wouldnt accept code some said they were already used. Thank you and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS

  60. Ruth says:

    Had a winning button, who got the money, have not received not a notice or anything in the mail or email. I think someone with all the winning numbers ia having a good time with all the winnings or is their more numbers or codes you have to enter to receive a winning button. Would never do this again, go to kohls and receive ten dollars off for entering store.

  61. Francisca says:

    Subject: jcp: Holiday Certificate updated information

    In the body of your email include

    Code: i lost my code but i have my email can i still claim my price

    i have not recieved my$10 certificate

  62. Rhonda Piel says:

    I tried to enter my button on the web site; rrwhh3c, it said it had been used

  63. Delores Planes says:

    I have several certificates from Friday, Saturday & Sunday that the actual certificate never showed up..I used several email addresses. for 10.00 on Friday at 3:57 am.. for 5.00 10.00 on Sat. at 2:09 & 2:10 AM Fri. 6:47 am for 10.00 sun at 3:04 AM for 5.00 plus more there were others that never came throught that I just deleted them cause I got so discused with the whole process.

    • Delores Planes says:

      I’m still waiting for your replay concerning this matter..I know time is running out for these please get on this problem and help me..

  64. sheila miller says:

    I have three $10 buttons that have success .and i am waiting on a e-mail to get what i won ?need the one with bar code on it

  65. wanda roberts says:

    I won a $10.00 gift certificate on Dec 16, and am still waiting for my email confirmation to redeem… email. Also, I have 6 other buttons I collected from shopping in the store, and I was unable to enter any of them. When I complained to the store, they told me they could do nothing. Was this a scam??

  66. Maria Muniz says:

    I won a $10.00 gift certificate and am still waiting for my email confirmation to redeem…

  67. Sandra Whalen says:

    I received the notice my button was a $10 winner. I thought I printed it out, but cannot find it; and it no longer shows on my computer. I received a notice about the expiration date. Can the certificate be resent? Thanks

  68. Delores Planes says:

    this is the 3rd time that I’m writing to you..Still no response from your end..I’ve had several times that I pressed the response about my buttomes being the winners.. I used several e-mail accounts.. 12/21 /2012, $10.00 certificate never came. 12/23 a 10.00 at 2:09 AM & a 5.00 at 2:10 AM. 12/23 a 5.00 certificate at 3:04 AM. Would someone please send me my certificates PLEASR after all I did every thing I was told to do.. I have gotten several certificates. I hope you do this again next year..but please send me the certificate the are coming to me..
    You can use either emails tyhat I use.

  69. Delores Planes says:

    If you don’t want to answer me can you tell me who I can go to to get some help?..Delores the way what do you mean by( Your comment is awaiting moderation)? Is there something else I have to do to get my certificates?

  70. Isarel Sanchez says:

    back on dec 21 2012 I won 3 ten dollars certificate and could not get them out . now they say there no good why are they no good i won them can i get the pin on them.

  71. Jared Eaton says:

    I won 2 royal velvet pillows through your button prize program. I sent the email back including my name email and address. I wanted someone to look and see. If my info was even processed !

  72. Sally Koenig says:

    I won a $25. e-gift card on 12/17/12.I claimed my gift within the 48hrs, after notification but I never received my gift back. I have the e-mail regarding I won and also the button. Please help.

  73. Betty Bartolomei says:

    On 12/24 I got a notice that my button was a winner. I was to get a $5.00 gift certificate, but have never received anything. I did respond immediately! I have spent over an hour on the phone on hold, etc. to deal with this. This doesn’t speak well for JCP!

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