Complaint: Button Promotion Email Never Responds

Your jcp facebook people only respond to one out of twenty comments and the info@jcp button promotion email never responds . I have a large family we have been entering everyday and 14 so far have turned up with no email response at all . They checked some and said 52 had been entered but I gave them 63 codes to check on so where did my 11 entries dissapear to ?

I emailed numerous tinmes no response to where my other 11 went to then yesterday and today I entered two codes per day and both day NO email response. Now when I email info and jcp buttons I dont even get the elves are at work email they just ignore totally I have a list of email notifications that my provider sent me showing jcp deleting my emails without reading them .

So now Im up to 14 entries that had not had any email responses. That coudl be quite a few winners. what are you going ot do to make this right ?

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41 Customer Complaints about “ Complaint: Button Promotion Email Never Responds
  1. Nick says:

    Seriously? The buttons are free….stop complaining and move on with your life. You didn’t put any money into it so what possibly are you expecting to get out of it?

  2. Char Moton says:

    Why do a promo and honor it. Just give everyone a 10 or 15 per. off coupon and stop the button problem. I was very excited but now I am disappointed in JCPenny’s Store.

  3. Denise Rainville says:

    I have a winning button. I entered the code and got a reply that it was a winner. But I can’t seem to get it to print a certificate so that I can redeem at it at jcp. What is the problem? My friend has gotten a few winners and was able to print her certificates.

  4. lorena says:

    my husband daughter and myself have not been getting our second winner certificates we are very disappointed please see what you can do for us thanks

  5. Kathy Hoag says:

    I have been putting in the buttoms in on and it tells me either the numbers are wrong or the two words I’ve done everything it tells me to do and it won’t work.My friends are haveing the same problem.Can you help me or I will not do it again Thank You Kathy

  6. Janie Tilch says:

    I have two buttons and entered them in the button program. I was told I won a $10.00 gift certificate. Also, said I’d be receiving this within 48 hours. It’s been more then 72 hrs. and I haven’t received anything in my emails about the print out for my $10.00 certificate.

  7. Lois says:

    I can’t even got the buttons to work I can’t fine where to go it does not come up

  8. Russell says:

    I got an email that I won a $10 prize but I can’t print it out, why?

  9. Carol says:

    Never received any emails back or the buttons wouldn’t work. Wish JCP would respond to these emails.

  10. Ellen Murray says:

    I try and put in the on off button and it keeps giving me an error message. Will somebody please help fix this problem?

  11. Pam Smith says:

    All of Info processed thru for buttons, but nothing showed up on my e-mail from JCP telling me if i’m a winner/loser. HELP

  12. bobbi says:

    i keep putting codes & it says wrong codes & i also got a pin that says i won 10.00 & will receive with in 48 hours hopefully everything will go through thanks bobbi

  13. Josie Sanford says:

    I have entered two buttons this morning and got a e-mail saying that I have won five dollar on both buttons intered. But I have not recieve any certificate yet. Please assist me in claiming my winnings.

  14. Chrissy Jamie says:

    On 12-14-12 i submitted two button codes and didn’t receive a email response from When i submitted the codes it said success to check my email as to whether i was a winner or not. did not receive an email for these codes. Tried to resubmit but received message these codes were already entered. Can some one please assist me with this problem. Enjoy playing the button game but would like to know if i won. Have been playing this game since 11-30-12 and have won some. It’s addictive!

  15. Heather Taylor says:

    Ok I have done a lot of shopping this last month an have one a lot of stuff. But the very fiest button that I ever entered I still have never received. I am highly upset about this. I have been using the winning buttons to buy my daughters an niece an nephew stuff. An have been waiting on this button money. I am about to not ever shop at penny’s again if I do not receive. It. All the rest I have gotten in an email. But not this one. An it was the very first one I ever got. An I spent a lot of money in there that day to not get what I won. So what is going to be done about it. The time is running out for them to be used. I would like my amount that I won an believe I deserve compensation for y’all not sending it to me. Thanks you an please be kind an respond

  16. kim says:

    my button said i won a $10 gift certificate but never received the email with the certificate?

  17. barbari says:

    Hello I have tried to enter these codes in your system for this website i recieved two buttons a couple weeks ago and I just wanted to know if I have a prize to claim but this site wont let me know anything.. Iv’e got two buttons with two codes the first buttons code is scarusm the reason Iv’e got tw and the second is 3y253qs, the reason Iv’r got two buttons with two different codes is because they gave one to my daughter and I! I don’t know if we do have a prize to claim but thought it was worth a shot considering Christmas is a hard time of the year… So if you could please get back with me asap I would greatly appreiciate that! Thank you have a blessed day.

  18. Judy Jones says:

    I have a problem with your buttons. One I have said that it was a winner and that I would receive information within 48 hours, however, it’s been 2 weeks and I still haven’t heard nothing. Another one I have when I enter the code it said that it’s and invalid code. I entered exactly what’s on the button. I think this whole campain was just to get people into your store and heck with people winning anything. Won’t be shopping JCP no more.

  19. roberta accetura says:

    I have been a winner four times with your button promotion,but I have only received one certificate. Please tell me how to proceed to receive the other three without going past the 48 hr deadline. Thank You for your consideration. Roberta Accetura p.s. please respond via my e-mail address

  20. Teresa says:

    I have entered two codes on Sunday 12/16 around 9:30 pm. I haven’t gotten an email telling me if I won or lost. The codes are cn3vpn5 and vd5e3bu. Could someone please check and let me know via my e-mail address? Thank you.

  21. Jessica Lopez says:

    Hello I have tried to enter these codes in your system. I have seven button that i got about one week ago and I just wanted to know if I have a prize to claim but this site wont let me know anything.. all i get when i enter the codes is something went wrong please check your seven digit code and try again …. this is the second time it happen. First time was during black Friday and the second time about a week ago. Its very upsetting. I hope something can be done about this.

  22. Ruth Madden says:

    I purchased an item on 12/17/2012 at your store located at 10400 Mill Run Circle, Owings Mills, MD 21117. I received two promotional buttons at that time. When I attempted to redeem them on the website (, the screen indicated that both button codes had already been used. I also made a purchase at your newly opened store in Abingdon on 12/13/2012 and received two buttons at that time. I was able to redeem one but the other also indicated that the code had been used. It is obvious to me that your sales persons are using these codes before they are given to customers.

  23. neville h. gombs says:

    I won the JCP buttond contest and never received my gift certificate, these are the dates on my winnings. 11/25/12 . $5.00, 11/26. $10.00, 12/8. $10.00. 12/09. $10.00 and 12/09 $10.00. Please send my gift certificates, thank you.

  24. Cathy M says:

    I have 8 buttons that the codes will not work and 1 that said it had already been used. Trying to get to the website is impossible. You can not find it. I think they should replace my buttons. They owe me 9 as far as I am concerned. Most of the employees are very nice when you ask for a button but I have come across a couple who act like it is an imposition to give me one. They act like you are doing something wrong when you ask for 2 buttons. You are allowed to put 2 in each day. I am getting very frustrated with this whole thing.

  25. Joy Castaneda says:

    I won one promotion so far and am still entering daily,but my problem is-I entered the “winning” button #p4hmhfm for a $10.00 certificate on December the 16th,but as of 10:30 PM eastern time tonight(Tuesday the 18th),I still haven’t heard anything or received an email back!Will someone a your company please see that we get what is promised to us and deliver our certificates.Thanks you-

  26. Cathy M says:

    I have 20 buttons that will not work. 18 say it is an invalid code and 2 say they were already used. I am very disappointed in JCP. If you put out a promotion then it should work. You took away our coupons and now your promotion DOES NOT WORK. YOU OWE ME 20 buttons THAT WILL WORK!!!!!!!!

  27. Bernie Snyder says:

    I won on to but i did’n get . Get it

  28. nooshin chirstesen says:

    I have received email that I won week ago , 3 $ 5.00 but I have not received the coopon Yet. why is that?

  29. Thayman Sanford says:

    I won the JCP buttons contest and never received my gift certificate, these is the dates on my winnings. 12/17/12 for $10.00 code #csafsc. Please send me my winnings .

  30. nooshin chirstesen says:

    Why is it after week I still have not receivd my coopon . I hve 3 $5 coopons.

  31. sharon says:

    here it goes again 4 buttons put in on 2 seperate days and no response as to a reply if they were winners or a sorry that I lost, and that is on top of the 6 buttons that were a sorry something is wrong with your code, invalid , or already used, how can it be usde if I just got them? Now did I win or not? bad bad system, I know it is a game , but after so many times it just took the fun out of the gimmick, thinking you might have some fun money to spend. oh well lets hope the 2 I get today will at least have a response. thank you.

  32. Drenda clemons says:

    I entered my code and screen said code already used . Please respond

  33. Delores Planes says:

    I sent you the info about my certificates not coming..and still no response..why do I have to put this info in tome after tome..I should have several $10.00 and several $5.00 long do I have to wait to get my certificates?

  34. Sylvia Clements says:

    I just wanted to know that I had a winning $10 button and that is what my JCP e-mail told me. I followed the instructions and entered all the information and was told by e-mail that I would get the holiday certificate within 48 hours and still do not have it. The promotion ends 12/31/12. I would like any type of $10 certificate for an extended date. Thank you from a faithful customer for many years

  35. Sylvia Clements says:

    I had a winning $10 button and followed the instructions and was successful and e-mail said I would get holiday certificate with 48 hrs. and don’t have it. I would like any type of $10 certificate for an extended date.

  36. paul says:

    I have not received all of my gitf certificate, I have about 14 that i have not got. will you please check on this tor me, some were $10 and somewere $5 . Thank You

  37. paul says:

    Ihave about 14 gift certificate, that i hace not received yet.Somewere $10 and $5, Datedfrom 12-5-12 till 12-23 1912, please send them to me, before the date goes out. Thank you sp much

  38. Helen says:

    I have been trying to get connected on several days of the button gifts .I could not get the address to pull up. A couple of days that I did it I didn’t know what the gift was it never happened.Please Respone!!!!

  39. steve stoneburner says:

    i won 4 christmas certificates ,but only recived 3

  40. AC says:

    Looks like this wasn’t an isolated problem. I won a $10 certificate during the last 2 weeks of the promotion but never got the email containing the certificate. Emailed jcpbuttons problem email addy twice and got no response to either. NOT IMPRESSED with JCPs handling of this issue.

    Had problems with used codes on buttons also. I live in a smaller town and the employees were entering the codes and then throwing the used buttons back into the bucket.

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